The Triangle


The races are organised:

* Cycling Time Trials have granted permission.

* West and North Yorkshire Police have been informed of when and where the races take place.

* Sponsors have agreed to back the events.


Entry fee is £4 per event. Enter on the line. £1 goes to the club £2 to CTT levy.

Championship events for 10, 25, 30 and Hilly 14 are included in the Triangle series. Championship events need to be entered one week in advance on a CTT entry form. If you enter and don’t ride you still need to pay. Club Events Points Championship – Points awarded 20 (winner) down to 1 (20th) in all club championship events with more than ten entries.

Points awarded 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 for events with less than ten entries Triangle based championship events to be entered on current CTT form in advance to Sheldon Howcroft.

Where championship is part of an open event (see CTT Handbook), copy of entry form required in advance to the Club CTT Secretary. All championship entrants to be first claim paid up Otley CC members Before riding all riders must supply their name and telephone number to the organiser.

All Junior/School-age riders to have consent form completed by guardians/parents – available from the CTT here

Club CTT Secretary – Claire Jessop (Open Events and Club Champ Events as part of open events)

Club Triangle Events Secretary (Triangle Events, 14 mile Hilly and Club Champ Events on Triangle 10, 25 & 30) Sheldon Howcroft 21 Kingswood Crescent, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2BG, (0113) 2663084
Email entries to me if you wish, sign form on night and pay the timekeeper.

If I could make a request for riders who intend to ride Triangle Championship events i.e. The 10, 25,30 and Hilly 14, I will require your entry on a CTT entry form one week in advance. I need this time to work out handicaps and I like to produce a start sheet to send out to riders usually by email a few days before the event.

Many thanks.

Course Details

10 miles
START on A658 300 yards West of North Rigton Crossroads. Proceed westwards over Pool Bridge and left onto A659 to Harewood Bridge. Letf onto A61 then left at North Rigton Lane to finish 200 yards up North Rigton Lane.

12.5 miles
Start on the A659 100 yards west of The Wharfedale Hotel. Proceed Eastwards to Harewood Bridge. Left onto A61 at Traffic Island turn left onto A658 passing over Pool Bridge into Pool village where left onto A659 to finish at the same point as the start.

25 miles
Two laps of the above.

30 miles
START in Weeton Lane, Huby, just before give way lines at junction with A658, and in line with a large road sign and a “Give Way” sign. Turn left on to A658 (with care), and proceed through Pool to bear left on to A659 (2.9 miles). Continue to junction with A61 at Harewood (7.4 miles). Turn left on to A658 and continue past start (12.6 miles). Complete a further lap (25.3 miles) and continue through Poole (28.2 miles) as before to FINISH in Arthington in line with stone steps set into wall leading to a public footpath alongside boundary wall of St Peter’s Church (30.0 miles).

Hilly 14
START 0.25 mile East of Farnley Hall on the Otley to Leathley road. Continue to bottom of hill then turn left o Leathley onto the B6161.Continue until 0.25 miles before Beckwithshaw then turn left to Bland Hill then left to Norwood Edge. Turn left at the end of the road to finish at the same point as the start.


VERY IMPORTANT – Start at Arthington. No U Turns in the vicinity of the start/finish. The road rises immediately after the start/finish area under the railway bridge creating a potential blind spot beyond for traffic behind you!!!!!

Handicap System

So how does this handicap and points system work? A good question, I’m pleased you asked. After each race 6,5,4,3,2 and 1 points are awarded to the fastest six riders on handicap. A handicap and points system was devised over 40 years ago and the same system is still running strong today.

Whichever rider scores the most total points is crowned the triangle time trial champion and receives the Triangle Trophy. On your first ride of the season you will ride scratch and from your time you will receive a handicap. Handicap times are based on 25 MPH which equates to a 30 minute ride around the triangle. For example if you record a time of 32min 45 seconds your handicap allowance the next time you ride will be 2 -45.

If you score any points you will loose 2 seconds per point you score (so if you score 5 points you would loose 10 seconds and your new handicap would be 2-35). If you improve your time i.e. go faster in subsequent rides your handicap will be reduced. For example if you were to record a time of 31-55 and scored 6 points your new handicap would be reduced to 1-55 less 12 seconds for the points you scored making a new handicap of 1-43. So the faster you go the less handicap you receive and you will loose handicap when you score points, so it becomes even harder to score points. Handicaps are adjusted for the 10, 25 and 30. If you are super fast and record a time under 30 minutes you will owe time. Now if a thicko like me can get his head around this you should, take it from me it’s a great system and a lot of thought went into devising it.


Veterans Challenged to beat their Triangle standard times. Yes standard times come to the Triangle and there will be a prize for the fastest vet on standard (but don’t ask me to do the maths). The competition will be for 12.5 times only 10,25 and 30 times not to count.