OCC Women

Otley is passionate about women’s cycling and proud to have our female President – Liz Hills, leading the way. Karen Spence, the club’s Women’s Development Officer, is there to support anything which helps to raise the profile and participation of women in and around Otley.

A large portion of our membership is currently female and continues to grow. In November 2016 Lizzie Deignan, our patron and long time supporter of the club, became an honorary member.

Many members achieve personal goals from their first sportive, first 100 Miles, their first time round the Triangle and their first time at racing or time trialling not to mention those who go on to stand on the podium at events as well.

Otley is proud to promote Women’s cycling and always has been, it’s no coincidence that the legendary Beryl Burton set her long standing 12 hour record on September 17th 1967 in an Otley organised event!

There are so many opportunities to grow your cycling within the club, with like minded people who will support you and help you achieve your goals and ambitions. Come and join the fun.