Club House

The Club House:

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Otley Cycle Club Ltd, Wellcroft House, Otley, LS21 1JH

Car Parking at The Club House

Will everyone please take great care when parking at the Club House so as not to obstruct the driveways of any of the adjoining houses.

Access to and Hiring The Clubhouse

Enquiries for bookings should be sent to the main club email

Anyone wishing to gain access to the Clubhouse, please contact either Peter Middlebrooke or Ken Hodgson via the main club email address:

Committee Meetings

The Club’s committee meetings are open to all members of the club, and are normally held at the club house on Crow Lane. Minutes are circulated to all club members.

Our 2019 AGM Club Report also gives you a flavour of what we did in a ‘normal’ year!

The Ron Kitching Library

The Library, which is housed in our Club House, is open whenever the Club House is open for our Official Business such as Committee / Social Meetings. At other times, the keys can be obtained as detailed above. It is requested that non members be accompanied by a Club Member on all of these occasions. Read more details here.

Otley Cycle Races HQ

Otley Cycle Races HQ