A New Triangle Record

The long weekend meant low numbers at the Triangle, despite good fast conditions. Those that did turn up made the most of it, most notably the guest rider George Peden.

Four years ago Tom Pidcock broke an 18 year old record for the course. With a remarkable ride, Peden took a further 15 seconds off Pidcock’s time, with 24:47, to be the first rider to go under 25mins for the 12.5mile course.

Fastest OCC rider was Jon Hobbs with 30:06, strengthening his position at the top of the points competition. Tony Wild took maximum points on the day.

Next week is the first of three Hilly events, starting at Farnley. Details of remaining events are listed here. The marshaling sign up sheet is here.

Full Results

Course 12.5Mile Triangle
Name OCC Rider/Guest Time H’Cap Time on Handicap Points
George Peden Guest 00:24:47
Matt Chipping Guest 00:26:52
Jon Hobbs OCC 00:30:06 -0:01:47 00:31:53 8
Danny Thompson Guest 00:31:34
Tim Garwell OCC 00:31:38 0:01:14 00:30:24 9
Dan Webster Guest 00:31:44
Tony Wild OCC 00:43:12 0:13:17 00:29:55 10
Steve Broadley OCC 00:43:44 0:09:53 00:33:51 7

Points Summary

Jon Hobbs 36
Martin Pollard 23
Helen Goldthorpe 23
Sam Ward 21
Liam Mealey 20
Tom Broadley 19
Tim Garwell 16
Joshua Warriner 14
Matthew Asquith 11
Steve Broadley 11
Matthew Peace 10
John Raftery 10
Tony Wild 10
Chris Yates 7
James Cullen 6
Claire Jessop 4
Martin Peace 4
John Buddle 2