A Windy Triangle

A howling wind all day suggested a challenging Triangle would be in store; very fast to Harewood but a tough finish. Despite these conditions, a field of 11 OCC riders turned up, including several for the first time this season (and club president Tony Wild pinning on his number for the second in two days after racing CX on Wednesday)

Sam Ward posted another strong time, with a 27:23, and Helen Goldthorpe fastest (ok only!) women with 33:42. Most riders were a little slower than on previous rides, but John Raftery chose these tough conditions to bring out his TT bike for the first time, and was rewarded with the fastest time on handicap.

Next week is around the Triangle course again, and the week after is one of three events on the Hilly course this season. Details here. If you can assist with the running of the events by marshaling, please check available slots here, and fill in your name, or get in touch.

Well done to all races, and thank you to volunteers.

Full Results

Course 12.5Mile Triangle
Name OCC Rider/Guest Time H’Cap Time on Handicap Points
Sam Ward OCC’ 00:27:23 -0:05:01 00:32:24 5
Jon Hobbs OCC’ 00:30:29 -0:01:31 00:32:00 8
James Cullen OCC’ 00:32:16 0:00:00 00:32:16 6
Helen Goldthorpe OCC’ 00:33:42 0:02:33 00:31:09 9
Liam Mealey OCC’ 00:34:08 0:02:04 00:32:04 7
John Raftery OCC’ 00:34:43 0:04:47 00:29:56 10
John Buddle OCC’ 00:35:44 0:00:00 00:35:44 2
Martin Pollard OCC’ 00:37:41 0:04:54 00:32:47 3
Tom Broadley OCC’ 00:39:54 0:07:25 00:32:29 4
Tony Wild OCC’ 00:43:17 0:00:00 00:43:17
Steve Broadley OCC’ 00:46:12 0:09:55 00:36:17 1

Points Summary

Jon Hobbs 28
Martin Pollard 23
Helen Goldthorpe 23
Sam Ward 21
Liam Mealey 20
Tom Broadley 19
Joshua Warriner 14
Matthew Asquith 11
Matthew Peace 10
John Raftery 10
Chris Yates 7
Tim Garwell 7
James Cullen 6
Claire Jessop 4
Martin Peace 4
Steve Broadley 4
John Buddle 2