Finally the Triangle

Thursday 27th May saw the 1st event of the Otley CC Time Trial taking place previous events on the Triangle schedule having been cancelled due to the continuing (temp!) traffic light presence on the A658 on the railway bridge south of the top roundabout. Last week’s race having been cancelled due to meteorological unpleasantness (Rain, wind, and er… cold)

A warm welcome by temp Chef du Course, Stan Dinn (Tony Wild) was extended on behalf of Liam Mealey (Hon Racing Sec – Hols) to 13 riders, 9 clubmen/people/persons/women and 5 guest riders including Adam Duggleby, the sighted pilot for Steve Bate the Paralympic cyclist on their tandem. Alas, the pair suffered an unfortunate ‘mechanical’ at the Walshford roundabout and DNF. Not before they had registered an average 30mph (Strava!) It was great to see them returning to ‘have a go’ on our Triangle series, and we wish them both well if/when this year’s Tokyo Olympics take place.

The weather was surprisingly, almost alarmingly mild to warm,  with only a slight smickety smackety head wind present on the downhill/down south section…. meaning a tailwind was enjoyed on the uphill/oop north section to the B/Bridge roundabout. Which was nice. Especially as I was ‘testing’ a new to me disco wheel, flashing lights come on at speeds over 25mph! Purchased from ‘Timey’ Martin Tallontiara, wow… it certainly delivered! Minimum effort required to push it up to those eye watering speeds, so I didn’t expend too much of that effort…. Am I nearly there yet….? next time… next time…

The event included a timed 10 and a 15 mile TT. As tonight’s race was the 1st, points were awarded (on the 15 only), to the fastest on the night. Handicapping will take place at the next race. Won’t it Liam?


                                          15                           10

Sam Ward                           32:10  10              21:03

Jon Hobbs                           36:51  9                23:56

Tim Garwell                        N/A                        24:15

Chris Yates                          N/A                        24:47

Chris Stokes                       38:28  8                24:51

Phil Mason                          41:48  7                27:16

Claire Jessop                      N/A                        28:12

Tony Wild                            44:48  6                29:13

Tom Broadley                    46:26  5                30:04


Matt Asquith                     34:11                     22:18

Mike Furby                         35:54                     22:56

Mark Smith                         N/A                        25:12

Adam Duggleby/Steve Bate  DNF

In inimitable Tim Hovercraft style, I thanked them all for coming, for they were a right laugh. Tim alas, not present. Him choosing to take a reight battering from his ruffianly roughneck N*rth B*r pals instead. Next time Timster, next time…. and the rest of you! You know you want to……

My gracious thanks also to the two ‘Timeys’ – John “Woolf Barnetto” Barnet, and Martin Tallontire

Marshalls – Sheldon (Lord of the Triangle) Howcroft, John Churchman, and John Buddle. The ‘shout outs were much appreciated! Thank you.