Social Series Sunday 30th May

Gentle ride to North Rigton and Smarties
There are a few climbs to North Rigton via Almscliffe Cragg but you will be surprised how accessible this route is, we take the hills in a very steady manner. Gentle Option A: 16 miles This is a lovely route which goes along the back roads to Huby and then goes up Gravelly Hill to Almscliffe Crag, with plenty of stops on the way. After Almscliffe Crag there is a downhill stretch to the pub. We return to Almscliffe Crag and then take a right hand turn so that we can descend on the back roads to Otley.
Cafe Stop The Square Compass
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Ride leader is new member Jerry Longhorn
Stretching ride to Kirby Overblow
This route goes out via Almscliffe Cragg and North Rigton, there is a short section of the main Harrogate Road and then a turning to Kirkby Overblow. The return leg uses the back roads via Weeton, Huby and Castley.
The Shoulder of Mutton at Kirky Overblow or Village Pantry
Cafe to be decided.
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Ride leader is Kaz Jones

Please note I have made events for the next social series weekend. We are offering a gentle ride to North Rigton led by Jerry Longhorn, Jerry led his first ride on Sunday to Bolton Abbey being a new member, therefore if an experienced member could support Jerry as back marker that would be appreciated. Jerry and his wife Sandra Longhorn are new to the area. The stretching ride is being led by Kaz Jones to Kirkby Overblow. I am away next weekend and therefore group will be closed and finalised on Thursday 27th May in the evening. Hope everybody enjoys the rides. Please use the sign on sheet found at this link…/1dvX0Om8PiwFgSjdAwhvP…/edit…
An queries please email (before Thursday).