Social Series Rides Sunday 2nd May

Gentle Ride North Rigton and Smarties
There are a few climbs to North Rigton via Almscliffe Cragg but you will be surprised how accessible this route is, we take the hills in a very steady manner. Gentle Option A: 16 miles This is a lovely route which goes along the back roads to Huby and then goes up Gravelly Hill to Almscliffe Crag, with plenty of stops on the way. After Almscliffe Crag there is a downhill stretch to the pub. We return to Almscliffe Crag and then take a right hand turn so that we can descend on the back roads to Otley.
We will sometimes do this route in reverse
Gentle option B 17 miles: This route follows the same course as Route A but the return leg has a diversion to the Trout Farm to provide variety if the group have done this route before and are more experienced on the gentle ride and wanting a bit more a stretch on the return leg
Gentle Option C : 19 Miles This takes the same route as option A and then adds in an extra loop via Weeton, so if worth using if the group are more experienced gentle riders and would like to test out their riding legs a bit more!
Gentle Option D – 16 miles – This will be an easy ride with some climbing but at a very gentle pace and plenty of stops for you to admire the great views. The route out starts on the Pool Road so you can get warmed up before the climb up to Armscliffe Cragg via Gravelly Lane before diverting off to North Rigton for Smarties at the Sq and Compass. After Armscliffe Cragg it is a very gentle climb to a road on a plateau with views of Harrogate and Otley. On the return to Otley this route usually goes up the hill to Farnley (with stops) so you can get used to climbing Otley hills, but you may also decide to go back via Pool Road, which is longer but flatter
Square and Compass at North Rigton
Stretching Ride Ilkley via Menston and Cow and Calf
A gentle outwards approach using Pool Road to Creskeld Lane makes this a good warm up ride. After Creskeld Lane there is a climb up to Bramhope and then the route goes along the top of the Chevin to take in Surprise View and then follows the course of the Tour de Yorkshire down Buckle Lane and up to the Moor road climbing gradually to the Cow and Calf, from Ilkley we return via Asquith and the back roads. Our café stop is a later point than usual in the ride so bring snacks!
There are various options in Ilkley, the suggested option is La Stazione,
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