The Grand Tour Award 2019

Three fantastic entries for this year’s Grand Tour Award and the judges found it harder than ever to choose. In the end Carol Armitstead’s entry came out on top! Enjoy these stories of fantastic adventure.

Thank you for all 3 entrants for providing us with inspiring reads. We hope that this will encourage other club members to go touring next year and we would love to read more stories next year. Remember that this award is about the narrative and photos of your tour and it would be good to read about tours that are in the UK, there are some great routes locally including the Yorkshire Dales Cycleway, the West Yorkshire Cycleway or the Way of the Roses….. We would also be interested in stories about off road touring, perhaps involving some wild camping adventures in the tour.

Over the hills very far away…

Carol Armitstead

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Judges Comments:

We enjoyed the storytelling of this entry from Carol, it gave a good sense of some of the joys of touring and also some of the challenging of travelling with other people who may not always do what you would have expected! Sometimes in organised tour you feel a pressure to keep up and we were interested to read that you can ride at your own pace and not have to be part of the group all the time, that can help to take away the fear of not being fast enough for a group tour

The journey through the countryside of Vietnam was well described and there was detail about the interesting places and people on the tour. It is a place that our panel had rarely heard described as a cycle touring country and it inspired us to think that it was relatively easy to do and could be done without the need for an organised tour.

Its Supposed to be All Downhill!

Tony Wild

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Judges Comments:

We were impressed that this was a self-supported tour, involving other friends and a van and it seemed as if the group had a lot of fun, involving a diversity of ages and different cycling experiences

We loved the photos featuring Tony and his Otley top, lots of diverse landscapes for our Otley Blue to be on display.

We were inspired to read about the accessible route from Prague and how easy it was to navigate to Hamburg. It definitely got our panel looking at our maps and checking out the route.

From hill hating to embracing the Pyrennees

Amy Cuthbertson

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Judges Comments:

This tour showed really dedication and perseverance, in challenging conditions that made us appreciate the climate of Otley! Cycling in temperatures over 40 degrees is no fun and we appreciated how much effort went into the ride and to fund raise for such an important charity. We were inspired by how Amy had grown from someone who joined the club hating hills to going on a tour that was about some of the most challenging hill climbing!