Early Season Circuit Racing

The phrase ‘off-season’ doesn’t seem to apply to our enthusiastic young riders, barely into the year and already getting themselves on the podium.

Lucy Ellmore reports from the Velo29 Winter Series at Croft

It was a tough race as it was very windy and there were only 7 women so we didn’t get much shelter from the wind. There were no attacks, although a gap opened up and two riders broke off the front which I then chased and caught. The finish was left to a sprint and I knew they were stronger sprinters than me so I started the sprint early hoping they would burn out, but they caught me so I finished 3rd. I was happy to get on the podium for my first race of the year and enjoyed getting back into racing.

Henry Hollyman also started his season at the same event, finishing 9th in the E/1/2/3/4 race.

Congratulations to them both.