More Mud! YCCA Points Round 5 Middleton Park Leeds

Having helped set the course out on the Saturday for Sunday 15th Nov’s YCCA Points Round 5 at Middleton Park Leeds, whence it was dry(ish) with a weekend forecast (Met Office App) of more er.. “Dryness”. Imagine my surprise, pitching up on the Sunday to find all the lovely green green grass of ho.. Leeds turned into a veritable mudfest!!! Doh! Good job I had treated my chain and sprockety Disraeli Gears thingamajigs to a pre-brekker, refreshing wax treatment eh?

Mind, the course was even worse/better (delete as applicable as your enjoyment of sticky/claggy mud finds you..) once the old giffer/ladies gang had had a go on it. The Seniors/Junior mens race afterwards had a right old time of it, some having to get off and unclag their transmissions/ achy brakey bits ‘n bobs with their hands!


Oh dear me, I don’t think so. I don’t like to get too down ‘n dirty much. So greatly gratified I was, not to fall off, and no ‘mechanicals’ either! Bring it on!

Another terrific turnout from our OCCer riders, not as good as Pateley Bridge mind, though more ‘reglars’ would be even better… Tim Hovercraft…. Helen Goldthorpe, Liam Mealey… Megan Cullen….Harry Hunt…… and old uncle Tom Cobley an’……

“BIG UPs” to our two newcomers to ‘Cross – Harrison Rugg in the under 10’s race, and Katherine Bucknell joining us in the youth race from Leeds Mercury, riding in OCCer kit.



I’m also pleased to see Steve Renshaw riding and a grinnin’ again. Clearly enjoying himself, as we all do… Don’t we.

Just the one podium this week with Mo Leeming-Sykes taking a well deserved 2nd FU16. Well done Mo!

Stuart Hall reported a bit of a ‘ding-dong’ going on with his lad Oscar…. “Oscar had a rubbish start, good recovery and a cracking battle for 5th place with Cormac Denwood from Nova. Cormac just beat him on the line but neither cared much and they were off, arm in arm, to play football straight after!” Fantastic, that’s exactly what I like about this sport… good clean family er… phun. Isn’t it?



Under 10’s

Harrison Rugg – 20th MU10, 25th overall

Under 12’s

Oscar Hall – 6th

Ruaridh Aylward – 9th


Mo Leeming-Sykes – 2nd FU16, 38th overall

Katherine Bucknell – 7th FU14, 47th


Alun Powell – 19th MV50, 34th overall

Tony Wild – 19th MV60, 79th

I’ve got my work cut out here you know, what with MV60’s finishing in the top 10, and former triple world masters champ John Ginley returning to the gang…..

Seniors/Jun Men

Steve Renshaw – 30th MV40, 60th overall

Well done everybody!


Snaps courtesy – Bernard Marsden, Trax, Stuart Hall and me.

Tony Wild