Otley’s Muddy One – Pateley Bridge Cyclo-Cross


The Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Association (YCCA) invited the club to stage a non-points race again this year, as an alternative to the National Trophy Series to provide a local race, for those not participating in the national event series. As a YCCA Committee member, I thus presented myself before the committee with fully prepared speech, facts, figures and Powerpoint presentation… OK I exagerate a little… Stuart Hall (again) very kindly volunteered to organise this, and subsequently cajoled and dragooned various willing individuals to help set the course up on the Saturday, provide car park attendants, Signer-on-ers… course marshalls and course taker downers on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll miss some of our wonderful volunteers, but here’s a go! Many thanks to Stuart Hall, Jonathan Hodgkins, Kate Aylward, Tony Wild (and TNP!), John Barnett, Steven J Moncur, John Hamilton, Cath Shaw, Adam and Ally Pridmore from EBCC, David Leeming-Sykes and his entire family and, of course, YCCA’s Fred and Carole Rothwell who work harder to bring us these events than many people realise.

Also a special shout to Dexter Leeming-Sykes who, along with Mo, stayed back until the very end to help clear up the track. How many overall race winners do that, eh?

As a result of our endeavours, the YCCA presented us with £85 towards Club funds, from the day’s takings after all other disbursements.

Fred Rothwell’s tardis-like van….

To the race then….

Well, I’ve never seen so many Shiny Happy People* enjoying themselves as at Pateley Bridge on Sunday. It’s A Beautiful Day*, we all experienced, cold but crisp and er muddy. But hey, never mind that eh?

The turnout from Otley was terrific – Racing, Helping, Spectating and Cheering… Some new to ‘Cross, some returning. Works for me! says Fat Lad at the Back (Just get that in for me ‘sponsor’!)

12 riders competed and earnt, 6 podiums between them, with Oscar Hall winning Fred’s ‘Rider of the Day’ award!

Under 12’s

Oscar Hall – 3rd. 25 finishers

Ruaridh Aylward – 4th

Isla Aylward – 2nd FU12, 15th overall

Oscar Hall was also awarded “Rider of the Day” award by Fred Rothwell.



Mo Leeming-Sykes – 1st FU16, 15th overall. 20 finishers


Henry Hollyman – 3rd MJun, 20th overall. 84 finishers

Harry Hunt – 10th MSen, 35th.

Steve Renshaw – 17th MV40, 43rd.

Tim Howcroft – 8th MV50, 48th.

Eleanor Hunt – 2nd FJun, 53rd.

Megan Cullen – 2nd FSen, 63rd.

Fat Lad at the Back (me) 9th MV60, 79th

Sam Howcroft (alas!) DNF

Former Otley rider Dexter Leeming-Sykes, now riding for Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic won the senior race in fine style. Onwards and upwards Dexter!

Some ‘muddy’ pics of people er… enjoying themselves….. Trust me… we do.


*Song stuff…

Tony Wild