YCCA (Non-Points) CycloCross Druids Temple – Masham 27th Oct.

Alas… no podiumisations at last Sunday’s Druids Temple Cyclocross Masham. Well… no kiddi… soz er… Young People! were there… where were you all? It was a great event, in Swinton Park, lots of scenery, mixed surfaces, tarmac, woodland tracks, open field/moorland, a Circle of Doom…. “Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel

Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel” etc…

Oh yes… there was mud. Plenty of it… in the woods. Good job I didn’t fall off… I may have drowned. Them new tyres are still pretty grippy too, and the (secret recipe) waxed chain is still proving to be an effective mud resistor. Yes, a tough little course (for me) as TNP said encouragingly afterwards “You looked to have had a good strong start…” as I stormed away from the uphill start….. She was right… See me chasing the Harry Hunt lead group down, as I’m about to leap onto 2nd place bloke’s wheel in Jon Hunt’s littel video!

By the end of lap 2, I was all for ‘bailing out’ Gasp… wheeze… or Crying… Waiting… Hoping for a ‘mechanical’ as I’m sure Buddy Holly would have sang… Mebbe… er…bebbe….

No such luck, and I do manage to stuff me breathing apparatus back in, get it all back under control, and claw back a few places to finish er 78th overall. At least I didn’t fall off, or do any ‘running’…

So, just 4 OCCers racing – really good to see Harry Hunt a grinnin’ and a pickin’, rightly enjoying himself. That lad could go far and get some podiums with the right kind of tutelage Tim Hovercraft….

I think Helen Goldthorpe enjoyed herself too, despite the mud, and I know Liam does. Well…. We all ‘enjoy’ ourselves afterwards, don’t we?

Myrtle Park Bingley for YCCA Points Round 4 this Sunday, see you all there!

Results –


Harry Hunt – 8th Msen, 27th overall – 86 finishers

Liam Mealey – 14th Msen, 66th.

Tony Wild – 10th MV60, 78th.

Helen Goldthorpe – 6th FV40, 84th.