Otley Cycle Club Wednesday Social Night

Do you love talking about cycling as much as you love peddling? Are you keen to meet other club members off the bike or those who may do different rides from you? Have you got some ideas for the club that you’d like to discuss with others before potentially bringing it to Committee if needs be?
If so then why not come along to the Club’s Social Night on a Wednesday at the Fleece pub?
This is an informal gathering for people to meet up and discuss all things cycling – or discuss anything for that matter, it doesn’t have to be about bikes, you may just want to meet other club members.
Photo by Asadour Guzelian

Photo by Asadour Guzelian

You may come up with a brilliant idea for the club – it’s often random conversations that spark the best initiatives. We welcome new suggestions from everyone, not just Committee members. And if it needs to come to Committee you can email the club to ask for it to go on the Agenda. It only needs to be discussed at Committee if:
  • It presents a risk to the club
  • It involves club policy or a change of direction
  • You need help (in terms of volunteers, or financial support etc)
For anything else it’s enough to just pop an email to the Secretary to let us know what you’re planning so we can make a note of it.
Weds is our mid-week social ride night (and a lot of Weds riders go to the Fleece afterwards) so you could combine it with a ride if you wanted to – or not – it’s up to you!
There’s no official start or finish time. The rides usually finish at about 9pm but non-riders may be at the Fleece beforehand. This is a very informal gathering.