TT Championship Roundup

July has meant a glut of TT championship events, with club riders in open events at 100 and 50mile, and (as part of the Triangle Series) 10mile and Hilly (not 14!).

On 11th July, Helen Goldthorpe and Gary Purchon raced in the National 100mile Championship being run by the YCF on the notorious Red Wall by Boroughbridge.  Gary finished in a time of 5:05:18, and Helen with a time of 4:58:51.  They take the men’s and women’s 100 mile competitions respectively.

Traffic lights in Farnley forced a shortening of the course for the Hilly competition, finishing instead at the top of Norwood Edge.  Fastest time on the night was Sam Ward, recording a time of 29:48 for the 10.6(ish) mile course, taking the Hilly trophy, and fastest woman was Claire Jessop in 41.32 taking the woman’s Hilly trophy.  Winning the handicap competition was Sam Howcroft.

It was back to Boroughbridge for the 10 Championships, and another time past the Red Wall.  Sam Ward again posted the fastest time of 21:23, and Helen Goldthorpe the fastest woman in 26:36.  Showing that not just one generation of Howcroft’s can win on handicap, Tim posted the fastest time in that competition.

And, almost as if they can’t get enough of the Red Wall, Helen Goldthorpe and Gary Purchon raced the YCF 50mile competition on 20 July.  Very windy conditions made for a challenging event, with Helen finishing in 2:25:29 winning the club 50mile competition, and Gary finishing in 2:24:46, winning both the men’s competitions and the handicap.

Still to come for championship events are the 12hr, 30mile and Hill Climb – so get entering and see what you can win!

And after all this, the top of the Triangle points competition becomes a lot closer, with four riders now within 7 points of first place, and Tim Garwell’s leading margin not quite as dominant as it once seemed!  Should make for a good end of the Triangle season!

Hilly TT

Rider Time Points HandicapPosn
Sam Ward 00:29:48 10 4
Joe Howcroft 00:30:44 9 2
Jordi Silva 00:31:45 8 3
Sam Howcroft 00:32:38 7 1
Jon Hobbs 00:33:26 6 8
James Cullen 00:35:34 5 5
Liam Mealey 00:35:48 4 6
Chris Yates 00:36:21 3 12
Tim Howcroft 00:36:59 2 7
James Allen 00:38:34 1 8
Greg Jessop 00:39:41 9
Stuart Newbould 00:40:16 10
Claire Jessop 00:41:32 11
Helen Goldthorpe 00:42:22 14
Tony Wild 00:42:36 13


Rider Time
Matt Asquith 00:30:37
Jonathan Allen 00:39:59
Gill Arnett 00:40:47


10 Mile Competition

Rider Time Points
Sam Ward 00:21:23
Tim Garwell 00:23:02
Harry Hunt 00:23:21
Sam Howcroft 00:23:53 9
Jon Hobbs 00:24:02
James Cullen 00:24:49 8
Henry Hollyman 00:24:52 2
Tim Howcroft 00:24:57 10
Liam Mealey 00:26:02 7
Helen Goldthorpe 00:26:36 4.5
Tom Broadley 00:27:15 4.5
Stuart Newbould 00:27:35 6
Justin Dyson 00:29:07 3
Sheldon Howcroft 0:29:34 1



Rider Time
Steve Robinson 00:25:07
Jon Allen 00:26:42


Points Competition

Tim Garwell 56.5
Tony Wild 53
Tom Broadley 51.5
Sam Ward 49.5
Stuart Newbold 44
Jonathan Hobbs 42
Helen Goldthorpe 35.5
Liam Mealey 34
Chris Yates 33
Sheldon Howcroft 32.5
Jordi Silva 29.5
John Barnett 29
James Allen 27
Sam Howcroft 25
Ben Ritz 21
Tim Howcroft 20
James Cullen 15
John Buddle 13
Ian Cullen 10
Greg Jessop 10
Gary Purchon 9
Joe Howcroft 9
Claire Jessop 8
Phil Mason 6
Ruari Waterworth 6
Justin Dyson 3
Henry Hollyman 2
Harry Hunt 1