Racing Roundup

The club youngsters have been racing a lot recently.  Here are some reports from Matt Ellmore and George Radcliffe from some of their races over the last few weeks.

Summer finally seems to be here and we are into the Town Centre Criterium Season! Otley CC had several riders in action at Ilkley on Wednesday 19th June.

Matt Ellmore rode in the U14s race and reports:
The race started and I had to sprint to the front to join the main group. In the main group there were about 13 riders but as the race went on this slowly shrunk to about 7 riders. On the last lap we all sprinted up the hill but unfortunately I got caught behind a lapped group and by the time I managed to get past the group had broken away. I kept the pace up as someone else had got caught behind the lapped group too, then on the descent I managed to open the gap after the tight corner and got 7th place.

George Radcliffe and Dexter Leeming_Sykes rode in the U16s, George reports:
Ilkley Town Centre Race is one of the best races in our area in terms of prestige and crowds and is certainly one of my favourites. This year was to be the fourth time I had ridden this race with a best result of sixth so it was a course I am familiar with. My build up to this year’s event had been riddled with illness and fatigue so going into the night I had low expectations.

The race began ferociously with the peloton stringing out immediately and riders getting dropped on the first lap. However, I maintained a high position in order to cover any moves or splits that occurred. After a lap and a half a lone rider broke away, before I attacked on the climb less than a lap later in an attempt to bridge to him and ultimately take the Prime on the next crossing of the line. On the descent down Grove Road I caught and passed the lone leader to go solo and take the Prime!

Unfortunately, in my effort to win some money I had gone deep meaning that when the attack that ultimately decided the outcome of the race happened, I was unable to respond. About a lap after the major split several groups reformed and I found myself in the battle for sixth with one other rider; a trio were leading and then a pair ahead of me. Despite chasing hard for a number of laps and bringing the pair ahead to within ten seconds, I was caught by the group behind me with a lap to go. As soon as I was caught I attaked again and managed to get clear with one other rider who I then managed to out-sprint to finish fifth.

In the end I was very pleased with my result to say I hadn’t expected to do well at all. Huge thank you to the Club and Sponsors for getting me to where I am at the moment; now on to Otley on the 3rd of June!

Matt’s Race report for Thursday 27th June, CDDP Crit Series at Colne:
“The race start as a sprint but before we manage to get to the first corner there was a crash in front of me and I went down, luckily my bike was ok so I joined on to the group which had to start the race again. When the race got going I kept in the main group, there was the odd attack but the group managed to keep together. On the last lap the pace picked up and onto the final straight everyone started sprinting but I was at the back of the group so it was hard moving up but I crossed the line in 3rd place which I’m happy with.”

Matt then raced again at Colne in the Cycle Sport Pendle (CSP) Summer Crit on Saturday(29th June):
“There were a lot of attacks but no one got away until 10 laps to go when one person attacked and he got away. I was desperately trying to catch him but the rest of the group were just sitting on my wheel and weren’t helping to catch him. On the last lap we kept the pace steady but no one went, on the last corner I sprinted hoping that some might not be able to sprint for that long. In the end it was me and an East Bradford rider neck and neck and there was a Clifton rider just behind me but coming up to 5 meters to the line the Clifton rider sprinted and just got ahead and beat me by 0.03 of a second!”

Well done to Matt Ellmore – he has raced hard this season is continually improving. Matt is now lying in 4th position for the overall Colne Thursday Evening Series.