Phantom Traffic Lights

Once again temporary traffic lights hit the Triangle Time Trial.  However by some ingenuity on the part of Sheldon and the timekeepers Joyce and Keith, a shortened 9.7mile course was able to be run.  As it turned out, the lights weren’t turned on by the time the riders passed.

The fastest time of the night was a very impressive 19:44, but that’s what happens when local TT World Champ Tom Pidcock turns up!  Fastest OCC rider was Sam Ward in 21:45.

Tom Broadley continued his strong improvements over the last few events to take full points in the handicap competition, and with Tim Garwell failing to take any points on this rider, his lead has dropped to below 10pts for the first time in a short while, so still all to play for.

Reminder that it’s the Hilly 14 at Farnley next Thursday and then the championship 10 at Boroughbridge the Tuesday after.

Rider Time Points
Sam Ward 00:21:44 8
Jordi Silva 00:23:22
Tim Garwell 00:23:22
Jon Hobbs 00:24:03
Chris Yates 00:24:15 1
John Buddle 00:26:19 2
Gary Purchon 00:26:56 7
Ben Ritz 00:27:59 4
Tony Wild 00:28:07 5
Tom Broadley 00:28:10 10
Stuart Newbould 00:28:43 9
Claire Jessop 00:28:50 6
Sheldon Howcroft 00:30:06 3


Rider Time
Tom Pidcock 00:19:44
Russel Brown 00:21:39
P Clarke 00:21:45
Matthew Asquith 00:22:30
JB 00:26:50
G Grant 00:28:16

Points Summary

Rider Sum
Tim Garwell 55.5
Tony Wild 47
Tom Broadley 46
Sam Ward 39.5
Chris Yates 38
Stuart Newbold 38
Jonathan Hobbs 36
Helen Goldthorpe 32
Sheldon Howcroft 30.5
John Barnett 29
Liam Mealey 23
Jordi Silva 21.5
Ben Ritz 21
James Allen 14
John Buddle 13
James Allen 12
Ian Cullen 10
Greg Jessop 10
Sam Howcroft 9
Gary Purchon 9
Tim Howcroft 8
Claire Jessop 8
James Cullen 7
Phil Mason 6
Ruari Waterworth 6
Harry Hunt 1