Triangle Catch Up and 25 Champs

A slightly delayed set of results due to my holidays, we’ve had three events in the Triangle series over the last few weeks at three different distances (though also unfortunately two cancelled events too, due to weather and the ever present threat of pesky temporary traffic lights!).

On 13th June a 12.5 mile event from Arthington took place, with rather a small turn out of 7 riders compared to previous weeks.  Jordi Silva took the fastest time (29:44) and with it full points in the handicap competition.

On 20th June it was time for two laps of the Triangle, in the 25mile Championships. Eight riders plus one guest took on the full distance, despite windy conditions (with three riders opting for just the one lap).  It was close at the front, with Tim Garwell extending a 1 second gap over Jordi at the end of the first lap to a mere 6 seconds by the finish, to claim the 25 Champs.  Tom Broadley put in a good ride to claim the handicap competition on the night.

On 25th June it was back out to Boroughbridge, where due to a strong Northerly and some very unseasonal conditions it was mutually decided to just ride a 10mile event.  Tim Garwell again posted the fastest time, and Liam Mealey taking the points competition.

At the end of this few weeks, Tim Garwell has built a 13.5 point gap over the next rider, but the competition for the remaining podium places still could go several ways.

Reminder that the Hilly Champs is coming up (11th July), and the 10 mile Champs on 16th July, so get your entries to Sheldon.


Rider Time Points
Jordi Silva 00:29:44 10
Tim Garwell 00:30:34 7
Ruari Waterworth 00:31:52 6
Chris Yates 00:32:51 5
James Allen 0:36:40 8
Sheldon Howcroft 0:39:31 9
Rider Time
John Evans 00:37:10


20 June – 25 Champs

Rider Time (Finish) Time (Lap1) Points
Tim Garwell 01:00:46 00:30:27 7.5
Jordi Silva 01:00:52 00:30:28 5
Jon Hobbs 01:02:20 00:30:59 4
Chris Yates 01:03:52 00:31:39 3
Gary Purchon 01:11:42 00:34:54 2
Tony Wild 01:14:42 00:36:55 9
Tom Broadley 01:16:12 00:38:00 10
Sheldon Howcroft 01:19:10 00:38:57 7.5
Sam Howcroft 00:31:49
Tim Howcroft 00:34:33
John Buddle 00:34:36
Rider Time (Finish) Time (Lap1)
Matthew Asquith 00:58:56 00:29:41


25 June – 10 Mile

Rider Time Points
Tim Garwell 00:24:53 2
Sam Howcroft 00:25:24 9
James Cullen 00:26:09 7
Liam Mealey 00:27:06 10
Tim Howcroft 00:27:38 8
Helen Goldthorpe 00:28:40 3
Tony Wild 00:29:47 5
Tom Broadley 00:30:17 6
Sheldon Howcroft 00:31:58 4
Stuart Newbould 00:32:35 1


Points Summary

Tim Garwell 55.5
Tony Wild 42
Chris Yates 37
Jonathan Hobbs 36
Tom Broadley 36
Helen Goldthorpe 32
Sam Ward 31.5
John Barnett 29
Stuart Newbold 29
Sheldon Howcroft 27.5
Liam Mealey 23
Jordi Silva 21.5
Ben Ritz 17
James Allen 14
James Allen 12
John Buddle 11
Ian Cullen 10
Greg Jessop 10
Sam Howcroft 9
Tim Howcroft 8
James Cullen 7
Phil Mason 6
Ruari Waterworth 6
Claire Jessop 2
Gary Purchon 2
Harry Hunt 1