Podiums a Plenty

On Friday Night Matt Ellmore was in action again at the Brownlee Track, Leeds.

Matt reports on the junior race where the U14 and U16 raced together:
“it started out as a sprint into a group including most U14 and U16 riders until 7 laps to go when Dexter (Leeming-Sykes) attacked splitting the group. I got dropped but slowly I managed to catch back to a group of 4 U16 and 1 U14. Us 6 then worked together to try and catch the front group which contained 2 under 14s, but we never managed to catch them. On the hill I dropped off the group when someone attacked and then I noticed another rider was only a few meters behind me so I counter attacked to keep the gap open. I held him off and at the end of the race I realise I came 3rd which I’m really pleased with because during the race I though I was about 4th or 5th!”

As Matt reported Dexter Leeming-Sykes (U16) had put in a big attack and broke away from the main group early on with Sam Hollis (ARCC). He then went off the front to solo for the last nine laps to victory.

On Saturday, George Radcliffe rode in the youth National at Hillingdon Circuit, London. George reports:

“Round 4 of the National Youth Circuit Series was in London for the second weekend running, this time on the notoriously dangerous Hillingdon circuit. The course is flat with a few technical corners and just under a mile in length. Once again there was a full field of over 80 of the best riders from around the country. The weather, as I’m often told it is down south, was warm and still so it was just as well that the Youth A boys race started at 9.30am.

From the gun the racing was intense with attacks going every lap. For the first 20 minutes or so I found myself near the back of the peloton just trying to ‘ride myself into the race’ and just generally keeping myself out of trouble. Soon after the 25 minute mark however, I manoeuvred myself to the front of the peloton; this in turn enabled me to take a hand full of turns on the front and even make a few attacks despite them not being successful. Every 20 minutes we were told there were to be primes with money for the first person across the line that time, so roughly 40 minutes in I ended up being near the front on the run in to the 2nd prime. With 200 meters to go I was four wheels back and opened up my sprint, passing all but one rider who narrowly beat me by less than half a wheel length.

For the remaining third of the race I stayed positioned near the front of the bunch but tried to stay sheltered. With a lap to go I was within the top 15 of the peloton, but being a smaller and less powerful rider I gradually was forced backwards before finishing in 36th place in amongst the peloton.

Result and performance wise, this weekend was an improvement in comparison to last week in London, but there’s still more form to come and a lot more to learn”