The Triangle Continues

Another cold but dry and largely windless night saw 8 OCC riders and 4 guests take on: the Triangle.

Fastest on the night was guest rider Russel Brown with a time of 28:26, and fastest OCC rider was Sam Ward in 29:39.

Fastest on handicap was Ben Ritz with a handicap time of 29:02.  The points competition has taken a three leaders at this early stage with Tim Garwell, Ben Ritz and Jonathan Hobbs all on 17 points.

Next week’s event moves to 7:30, and hopefully looking at the forecast should be somewhat warmer, so it would be good to see more members racing.  Sheldon could also do with more people signing up to marshal at the events.

All times below

OCC Riders:

Rider Time Points
Sam Ward 00:29:39 9
Tim Garwell 00:31:15 8
Jon Hobbs 00:31:31 7
Ben Ritz 00:35:55 10
James Allen 0:37:28 6
John Barnet 00:38:12 5
Tony Wild 0:39:05 4
Tom Broadley 0:39:40 3

Guest Riders:

Rider Time
Russel Brown 00:28:26
Richard (apologies, couldn’t read surname) 00:30:14
Jordi Silva Piris 00:30:30
Sean O’Sullivan 00:32:07