Youth Race Team at NW Youth League, Rd.1

There was lots of action and great results for the Otley CC Riders at Mossley last Sunday.

Firstly in the girls U16, Eleanor Hunt had a great race breaking away from the group with 7 laps to go another rider going with her, they worked together and stayed away,  Eleanor just missing out in the sprint by a second for 2nd place.The wining rider was 3rd the day before at the National Track Youth Omnium event at the Chris Hoy Velodrome.

The boys U16 was a very fast paced race, so much so that a number of the big name riders dropped out to DNF.  George Radcliffe got into a 3 man break early on, another couple of riders bridging after a few laps.

The break away group then worked hard together and stayed away for about 25k, building up over 30 seconds gap at one point.

With around 4 laps to go the peloton had eventually caught the break away and it all came back together, although the peloton was quite depleted as several riders had pulled out, unable to keep up with the high pace.

With 4 laps to go the bell was rung to pull the lapped riders off before the end, and there was then an incident involving some of the back riders, prompting the organisers so finish the whole race 2 laps short, causing much confusion in the pack as the bell rang on two consecutive laps!

There was a big sprint with the fresher riders out of the main peloton taking the higher places.  Dexter Leeming-Sykes took a good 4th with a strong sprint while George Radcliffe came over in 6th place, finishing the highest out of the original break-away. Only the first 10 riders were not lapped showing what a hard, fast race it turned out to be.

Thanks to Mo Leeming-Sykes for some great photographs.