Racing Round-Up, April 25-28

Several club members have been racing crits and road races over the last week, with some good results.

On Thursday, there were 4 Otley riders in the 1st CDPP Crit Series of 2019, a wet and dismal night in Lancashire. In the U14’s Matt Elmore came 5th. Eleanor Hunt rode in the U16 girls race which set off together with the boys U16, Eleanor had a great race and was as strong as the boys, staying together until the end and winning the girls race. Dexter Leeming-Sykes and George Radcliffe rode the boys race, Dexter finishing 5th, while George picked up a puncture with a couple of laps to go and bounced into 5th place, being unable to sprint on a soft front tyre!

Matt Elmore reports on his race:

It was a bit wet warming up but luckily the weather soon cleared when the race started. They set of the under 16 first with about 15 seconds head start, and then the under 14 set off. There was a big spring as people wanted to catch on the under 16 group which a group did. Me and this other rider worked together but we never managed to catch on. For the rest of the race I did a few attacks to tire the other rider out which worked, but on the second to last lap the under 16s came to lap us and we join on. I crept on to the wheel of the other rider that I had worked with, but unfortunately 3 riders cut me up and then dropped off the back. I couldn’t get round them so on the home straight I squeezed pass and sprinted. I saw that the rider I worked with was too tired to sprint and I never managed to pass him as there was too big a gap that I had to close. In the end I came 5th which I’m happy with. The average was 22 mph which is good seeing as I was in a group of only 3 people.

Matt raced again on Sunday, at the Middleborough Circuit and got 2nd.  He reports on his race:

There were 13 riders on the start sheet for the under 14s. The race started as a sprint as usual, I managed to get to the front group with under 16s and under 14s, there were a few attacks which i chased just in case they managed to break away but they never did. Once the group had caught the break away the group would slow down to around 20 mph and then there would be another attack and we’d all chase after them again.

Midway through the race two people managed to attack and get away, one was a U14 (in my category) so I went on the front to chase them but they already had some distance from us. They stayed off the front for a couple of laps but we slowly caught them up, there were a couple of attacks but none got away and it all came back together.

With 10 laps to go the pace picked up and there were a lot of barging but there weren’t any attacks. At 5 to go i found myself at the back so i pushed my way to the front by the time it was two laps to go. The pace crept steady and then on the last lap it went crazy and we went out of the last corner at 33 mph, then there was a massive sprint which i only just managed to keep up with but crossing the line i had realised that i came 2nd!! which i’m chuffed to bits with. The average was 24.1 mph which was my quickest race even though it was a hour long.

On Sunday Liam Mealey (me!) and Henry Hollyman raced in the Keith Carter Memorial Cat 3/4 Road Race, near Beverley.  Henry had a decent ride until he unfortunately punctured:

My race went ok, I mainly just tried to stick near the front of the bunch in order to avoid any crashes and also to stay up there in case the bunch split. There were a few early attacks which were quickly shut down. My legs were feeling good but unfortunately coming into the finish with three laps to go I punctured and by the time I got a wheel, the group was long gone. I rode 2 laps on my own then decided to pull out with 1 to go as there was no chance I would catch the group back up.

I showed my inability to follow accelerations on the flat, sitting comfortably on the initial climb, and then getting spat out as the pace lifted over the top, and spent four laps chasing another rider who’d lost the wheels a few seconds later!

Well done all who raced!