York Sport Crit 2

Matt Ellmore raced at York Sport crits last Tuesday.  Here is his report

There were 11 under 14 and around 4 under 16. The race started as a sprint as always and a under 16 broke away straight away. The pace picked up a bit but then we slowed down again as he was getting further and further away. A few laps later another under 16 went and got away. for the next few laps the group kept it steady, there were a few attacks but we quickly brought them back in. At about 7 laps to go the first under 16 caught up with us and stayed with our group for a bit but then broke away again. On the 3rd lap to go the second under 16 caught up and picked up the pace. For the 3 laps there were constant attacks, but on the hairpin on the 2nd lap the under 16 attacked and i got dropped. On the last lap i managed to close the gap but then everyone was sprinting so i cross the line on my own. i was a bit disappointed with the last few laps as i had felt so strong for the rest of the race.