Time Trialing, 13-14th April

On Saturday we had a great Otley CC turn out for the open 10mile TT on V212, brilliantly organised by Christine Bell and Trevor Hatib.  Despite the cold and windy conditions, 22 men (5 junior) and 13 women (6 junior) from the club raced, including many first time racers.

In the men’s junior race, Dexter Leeming Sykes took 2nd place with a time of 23:50, and Sam Howcroft 3rd with a time of 24:32.

In the women’s junior race, it was an all Otley podium, with Eleanor Hunt taking the win in 27:23, Lucy Ellmore 2nd in 28:47 and Emily Middlebrooke 3rd in 29:17.

Eleanor Hunt also formed part of the overall winning women’s team, along with Claire Jessop (27:50) and Helen Goldthorpe (27:54).

In the men’s fastest road bike competition, Chris Radcliffe took 2nd in 27:55, and Paul Knights in 28:28.  Helen Coutie took 3rd in the women’s road bike competition in 28:40.

All other rider times below.

The official report can be found here.

Photos can be found here for men and here for women (thanks to Raymond Gay), here (thanks to Riding for Love), and here (thanks to Craig Zadoroznyj).

And of course I can’t leave a report of a club event without a word about what they’re best known for – impressive cakes, pies and sandwiches.  Thank you all who contributed.

On Sunday, Claire Jessop and Gareth Metcalfe decided one race a weekend wasn’t enough, and along with John Barnett competed in the VTTA 25mile TT (V236/1) despite more cold and windy conditions.  Claire took first lady vet on standard age 40-49 with a time of 1:10:59.  Gareth rode a 1:00:20 and John rode 1:14:05.

Well done to all who raced and volunteered this weekend.

Joe Howcroft 00:23:11
Dexter Leeming-sykes (J) 00:23:50
Tim Garwell 00:24:27
Harry Hunt 00:24:28
Jonathan Hobbs 00:24:28
Gareth Metcalfe 00:24:29
Sam Howcroft (J) 00:24:32
Tim Howcroft 00:24:48
Ian Cullen 00:24:50
Henry Hollyman (J) 00:24:54
George Radcliffe (J) 00:25:03
Chris  Yates 00:26:04
Gary Purchon 00:26:49
Eleanor  Hunt (J) 00:27:23
Claire Jessop 00:27:50
Helen Goldthorpe 00:27:54
Chris Radcliffe (RB) 00:27:55
Matt Ellmore (J) 00:28:16
Paul Knights (RB) 00:28:28
Ian Cormack (RB) 00:28:36
Helen Coutie (RB) 00:28:40
Lucy Ellmore (J) 00:28:47
Justin Dyson 00:29:07
Emily Middlebrooke (J) 00:29:17
Rebecca Middlebrooke 00:29:59
Rachel Crowther 00:30:35
Gary Pennington (RB) 00:30:40
David Bennett 00:31:04
Poppy Peacock (J) 00:31:06
Tom Broadley 00:31:29
Mo Leeming-sykes (J) 00:31:37
Claire Sharpe (RB) 00:32:59
Chris Starkie 00:33:04
Isobel Wilks (J) 00:33:36
Claire Mayoh 00:34:50