Youth Riders at York Crits

Several OCC riders ventured to a rather chilly York track on Tues night.

Matt Ellmore takes up the story first. “The weather was dry but the track was slightly wet. There were 11 under 14s and we were with the under 16s which made the pace a lot faster. When the race started I managed to keep up with the under 16s for about 2 laps but then I dropped off with another rider. About a lap later the rest of the under 14s dropped off and we managed to catch them up and formed a group of around 9 riders for the rest of the race. We rode at a steady 20-22 mph and when the under 16s lapped us again a rider from our group caught on and we stayed with them for about a lap and then dropped off. On the last lap the under 16s lapped us again which made the pace much higher but on the last hairpin I dropped back because I was caught on the inside of the group so I would have had to take the corner really tight. So I dropped back but coming out of the corner everyone was sprinting but because I was going at the same speed as them I never managed to get back to the group.”

George’s race followed next, he writes:
The field may have only been around ten riders but the competition was still strong. A fast race saw riders being dropped one by one and despite a few attacks the bunch never contained less than six riders. It all came down to the sprint where I ended up third with Dexter second. That’s now my 4th podium this season so a win is surely just around the corner; next up it’s Youth Tour Of Scotland.

Well ridden Matt, George and Dexter.