Time Trial Championship Dates

Throughout the season the club has a time trial championship for those who want to pit themselves against the clock.

The 10, 25 and 30 mile distances are club events and are run as part of the Triangle Series, along with the Hilly 14.  If you wish to enter these, you will need to submit an entry to Sheldon Howcroft a week before the event.

The 50 and 100 mile distances, and the 12 and 24hr competition are run as part of open events.  If you wish to enter these you will need to do so through the CTT website, and send a copy of the entry to Liam Mealey.

The event dates are:

Triangle Events:

25 mile, 21st June, Arthington

Hilly 14, 11 July, Farnley

10 mile, 16 July (Tues), Boroughbridge

30 mile, 15 Sept (Sun), Boroughbridge

Open Events:

100 mile, National 100, V270, 7 July

50 mile, YCF, V150, 20 July

12 hr, Team Swift, V12HR, 28 July

24hr, Mersey Roads, D24HR, 20 July

Entries to:


Sheldon Howcroft

21 Kingswood Cres

Roundhay, Leeds




Liam Mealey

18 Talbot Rd,

Roundhay, Leeds