Triangle TT Dates

It may still be cold and windy outside, but before you know it, the evenings will be light and so will come time to see how quickly you can blast yourself around our weekly Club Time Trial, the Triangle.

Thanks to the work of Sheldon Howcroft’s efforts in organising it, we have dates for the events, detailed below.

Triangle Events 2019

For those who don’t know it, the Triangle is a 12.5mile loop from Arthington, and you pit yourself against the clock to see fast you can make it around (see Sheldon’s Guide to the Triangle).  All events are sign up on the night, except for the championship events (25, Hilly 14, 10 and 30) for which you need to send a standard CTT entry form to Sheldon beforehand.

The series is run as a handicap, so you don’t need to be hanging onto Tom Pidcock’s coat tails to win it!

Entry is £4 for OCC members and £5 for non-members (this has gone up from last season due to an increase in the CTT levy).

We ask all who ride to marshal at least twice through out the season.

A couple of points for Triangle old timers.  There is now a second event on the Hilly 14 course from Farnley, and the last two events are at Boroughbridge/Walshford.

Hopefully we’ll see a few new faces at the Wharfedale Inn through the season.

2019 Dates:

2nd  May 12.5 Arthington 1900
9th May 12.5 Arthington 1915
16th May 12.5 Arthington 1930
21nd May Tuesday Oct-15 BoroughbridgeV212 1930
23rd May 12.5 Arthington 1930
30th May 12.5 Arthington 1930
6th June 12.5 Arthington 1930
11th June Tuesday 14 Hilly Farnley V8620 1930
13th June 12.5 Arthington 1930
21st June 25 (Club Champs M,W) Arthington 1930
25th June Tuesday Oct-15 Boroughbridge V212 1930
27th June 12.5 Arthington 1930
4th July 12.5 Arthington 1930
11th July 14 (Hilly Champs M,W,J) Farnley V8620 1930
16th  July Tuesday 10 Champs (M,W,J) Boroughbridge 1930
18th  July 12.5 Arthington 1930
25th July 12.5 Arthington 1930
1st  August 12.5 Arthington 1930
8thAugust 12.5 Arthington 1930
15th August 12.5 Arthington 1900
22nd  August 10 or 15 Boroughbridge V212 1900
29th August 10 or 15 Boroughbridge V212 1900
15th September Sun 30 Champs Boroughbridge V225 0900