Lizzie – 2019 is definitely a New Year!

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone and a big congratulations for the title of Cycling Weekly’s Club of The Year 2018.

We spent our festive period back in the UK, I was pleased to see so many of you out on the roads enjoying the mild winter weather. I usually take it easy over Christmas as it is a rare opportunity to spend time with friends and family, so cycling takes a back seat. Travel at Christmas is always hectic, we can never get a direct flight back to Leeds during the winter months so it always a involves a stop at Heathrow, on top of that we have to travel with two bikes and baby extras, although I would say we are doing quite well at travelling lightly. I avoided getting sick this year which was a huge bonus. Believe it or not, it takes just as much discipline to rest as it does to train. Over Christmas most people seemed surprised almost discerning that I hadn’t trained for a few days, years of experience have taught me that taking a couple of planned days rest rather than trying to ‘do it all’ saves you potentially weeks of disrupted training due to sickness or exhaustion. It’s a concept that a lot of ‘character building’ coaches may find hard to get their head around. Well rested and healthy, my 2019 training has started in earnest, I am upping my mileage every week.
Philip and I are balancing parenting alongside my training and his new coaching business, it is a little like shift work but our routines are so far working out nicely. Orla is beginning to sleep longer, although she can still surprise us with random playtime at night.
I still haven’t decided on my race programme but I am sure that it will begin sooner rather than later. I am excited to try a different approach to the season and maybe do some races I have never done before, this will be good for my motivation. In the meantime I will continue working on my base mileage and take some tips from Philip as he is enjoying experimenting with his coaching, I have tried to persuade him to take me on as a client but he describes me as uncoachable, charming!
Good luck with the winter training and remember winter miles – summer smiles 🙂