Local cyclo cross at Bolton Bridge

With the demise – temporarily hopefully – of the YCCA summer cyclo cross in Otley Wharfemeadows park the closest ‘cross race to the club hometown was the non Yorkshire points scoring round Sunday 7th October at Haw Pike Farm near Bolton Bridge roundabout, organised by Ilkley Cycling Club.

Stuart Hall and Tony Wild have kindly provided reports and photographs on Otley CC involvement in the racing.

Stuart Hall (U12 racing)

“Our younger racers were back in action today at the non-points Ilkley CC CX event at Bolton Abbey. A challenging, hilly course had been created in the fields adjacent to the A59 and it tested all riders, young and old! A clear morning meant a sharp frost, but temperatures rapidly rose and races were held in beautiful autumnal sunshine. 

“OCC fielded an all-girl U10 entry with Isla Aylward and Amy Hodgkins and both riders worked as hard as always to show the rest how it should be done!

“In the U12 category, four riders represented the club with Genivive Shubert in the U12 girls and Alex Hodgkins, Oscar Hall and Ruaridh Aylward in the U12 boys. All riders fought hard, with some notable battles on track with friends from other clubs (they always fight that bit harder against their friends!) to produce more excellent results. Particular congratulations to Ruaridh Aylward for a first podium of the season – well done! 

“Great racing and a well organised event from ICC – thanks!”

Otley placings


Isla Aylward: 4th (18/28 overall)

Amy Hodgkins: 7th (26/28 overall) 


Ruaridh Aylward: 3rd (3/39 overall)

Oscar Hall: 9th (9/39 overall)

Alex Hodgkins: 17th (21/39 overall)

Geniveve Schubert: DNF

Tony Wild (Junior and Senior racing)

“10 Otley riders in total lined up for the Ilkley CC non-points Cyclo-Cross race at Addingham/Bolton Bridge on Sunday.

“Well, it certainly was challenging… with nearly 1000 ft or was it metres? of climbing…. I dunno… Whilst it was mercifully dry, I spent my 3 practice laps studying my racing lines in cow p*t avoidance skills. Egad! It certainly was gruelling (for me) with a long steep tarmac climb followed by some severe off camber descents and lots of steep off camber ascents. Lots of uppy downy bits then. The Goaty folk would have loved it! Me? Cream crackered.

“A terrific ride from Megan Cullen gave us our 2nd podium of the day. 2nd Fjun and 2nd female for her. Very well done Megan.

“Sam Howcroft just missed out on a 3rd place podium with 4th MJun.

”I usually give a “BIG UP” for any ‘top 10’ placings, so… sorry Ian Cullen 14th MV50…. close… but no cigar. Big up to me though…. 7th MV60! Whoopee!

“Whilst I move up a bit… there were only 9 MV60’s racing, and one of them is in his eighties. Chapeau to him I say!

Thanks indeed to Ilkley CC and YCCA.”

Otley placings

Sam Howcroft 4th MJun (33/113th overall)

Ian Cullen 14th MV50 (60/113)

Megan Cullen 2nd Fjun (80/113)

Tony Wild 7th MV60 (104th /113)

Full results courtesy of YCCA.

Sunday 14th October is YCCA Round 5 at the Harrogate Showground where the Cyclo-Cross racing is part of the Cycle-Expo attractions.


12th October 2018