Triangle 22. Club 30 Championships – so endeth the 2018 series

The final counting event in the 2018 Triangle Series was held Sunday 9th September.

The Club 30 Championships, the final counting event in the 2018 Triangle Series, took place on the familiar A168 out near Boroughbridge on Sunday 9th September, covering the same stretch of road no less than four times, albeit in different directions, and circumventing Walshford and Boroughbridge roundabouts twice, not only a test for the riders but for the marshals too.

The Tour of Britain crowds have nothing on those at our events

…and Tony’s having to fight them off too at Walshford roundabout!

As well as points, the nine Otley riders were competing for three awards and the accompanying trophies, those being:

Overall – The Ian Walsh Trophy

Women – The Howcroft Cup

Handicap – The Chevin Rose Bowl

After rain and cold the day before Sunday was thankfully relatively dry and warmer but windy conditions certainly tested the riders on the two full laps of the course.

Overall 30 mile Champion for 2018 and taking the Ian Walsh Trophy is Joe Howcroft, recording the fastest time of the day with 1:15:41. Joe also took 9 points.

Claire Jessop took The Howcroft Cup as Women’s 2018 30 Mile Champion in 1:25:02, also taking 7 points.

2018 30 mile Handicap Champion for 2018 is James Cullen, also taking the maximum 10 points. With an allowance of 1:22 and recording an actual time of 1:16:58, James handicap time was 1:15:36, 5 seconds ahead of Joe Howcroft.

Also, with the 30 Champs being the last Triangle Points counting event, Tom Broadley can now be confirmed as 2018 Triangle Points Champion

Congratulations to our 2018 30 mile Champions and the 2018 Triangle Points Champion.

As well as times for the full distance, times for 15 miles were recorded too, Liz Hills and Sam Howcroft both electing to do the shorter distance only.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Joe Howcroft 1:15:41 (9)

James Cullen 1:16:58 (10)

Tim Garwell 1:19:52 (5)

Chris Yates 1:19:56 (4)

Ian Cullen 1:20:54 (6)

Tim Howcroft 1:24:25 (3)

Claire Jessop 1:25:02 (7)

Greg Jessop 1:30:46 (8)

Non-qualifying ride

Adam Grice 1:28:53

15 mile times (no points)

Joe Howcroft 37:55

James Cullen 38:05

Chris Yates 38:34

Tim Garwell 39:47

Ian Cullen 40:40

Claire Jessop 41:54

Tim Howcroft 42:14

Sam Howcroft 42:41

Greg Jessop 44:50

Liz Hills 54:34

Afterwards it was into The Courtyard Cafe at Rabbit Hill where tea, coffee and lots of cake consumed over tales of how hard it was out there.

Delicious Rocky Road from The Courtyard Cafe

Thank you to Martin Tallontire who stepped in to timekeep and to the marshals and helpers.

Final points standings 

Tom Broadley 127

Stuart Newbould 100

Tim Garwell 82.5

Tony Wild 61

Jonathan Hobbs 54

Sam Ward 53

James Cullen 46

Steve Broadley 45

Claire Jessop 45

Joe Howcroft 43

Sheldon Howcroft 43

Chris Yates 43

Helen Goldthorpe 42.5

John Buddle 37

Gill Arnett 33

Liam Mealey 33

Martin Tallontire 32

Liz Hills 31

Christine Bell 30.5

Ian Cullen 30.5

Greg Jessop 22

Ben Ritz 21

Megan Cullen 20

Phil Mason 20

John Barnett 17

Rachel Crowther 17

Tim Howcroft 17

Christine Thwaite 11

Chris Radcliffe 10

Tom Wallace 9

Robbie Pollard 8

Steve Moncur 7

Sam Howcroft 4

Stuart Hall 3

Tony Bulmer 1


Not only was the 30 the final Triangle Series event this year, this is also my final ever Triangle report. Liam Mealey will be reporting on the series and other TTs from 2019.

Thanks for for your support for the 2018 series, please come back and support it and Sheldon again in 2019. Talking of Sheldon, that’s yet another ‘final’ as, after many years organising and expanding the series, next year will be his last. So, a new Triangle Series organiser will be required as from 2020.

Thank you to Sheldon for all the hard work he puts into organising it including liaising with CTT and the police, arranging timekeepers, marshals and helpers, calculating handicaps, all this while organising 23 separate events including the 10, hilly 14, 25 and 30 Championships, and of course working.

For anyone who might like to take over the role in 2020 Sheldon’s suggested working together on the 2019 series to learn what’s required. Sheldon can be contacted on

Lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to all timekeepers, marshals and helpers, to Marie, Neil and David at The Wharfedale for their support and hospitality over the years and of course to Mark Scatchard for his sponsorship of the series.



10th September 2018