Lizzie – A very different kind of September

September is always one of the most important months of the year for me. The last Saturday of September is a day I think about on almost every other day of the preceeding year. The World title is decided on this day, and it is always the biggest goal on my calendar.  September is usually dedicated to racing and training and being completely focused on being the best I can be for the Championships. Every detail is planned to perfection.
This year is very different, the only thing I am certain of this month is that I will be a new mum by the end of it, there is no schedule or precision focus on how every day should look, I am not in control but I am very much enjoying the different focus my year has had.
Me and my husband Philip have spent the last few weeks back in England with my family ahead of our baby’s arrival. My mum and dad have been very patient and accommodating as we have been living with them whilst we try and finish our house in Harrogate. I am not the only one who is losing fitness at the moment as my dads main training has come in the form of intense DIY! Fingers crossed we are moved in before the baby arrives!
I have surprised myself throughout pregnancy by the amount of riding I am still able to do, as I write this I am 38 weeks and still able to enjoy cycling on the road most days. I am much slower, and heavier than I have ever been but I am also really enjoying cycling.
I miss racing, that is why I am confident I have made the right decision to sign for a new team for the next two seasons and continue my cycling career. I am really excited about the challenge of returning to fitness, I am not obligated by my team TREK RACING to compete until june 2019 so I have given myself plenty of time to make a cautious and hopefully successful return to racing.
Support from family and friends will be key to balancing my career and being a mum, I am very lucky that I have some of the best who are also excited and supportive of my decision to race again. For now my focus is on enjoying this new chapter in my life and letting go of the usual control I have in September, our baby will arrive in their own time but of course I am impatient to meet her 🙂