Triangle 21. The Last of the Evening Trials

Thursday 30th August saw the last of 2018s traditional Triangle events although this season points can still be won as the 30 Champs on Sunday 9th September is now a counting event.

17 rode the undulating 15 mile course between the Walshford and Boroughbridge roundabouts on the A168, made up of 13 from Otley plus four guests. Although the day started sunny, cloud cover lowered the temperatures which perhaps contributed to times being generally 20-30 seconds slower than last week.

Megan Cullen was fastest woman and also scored the maximum 10 points. Joe Howcroft took 9 points but with Megan’s dad Ian scoring 7 points the Cullen v Howcroft battle went to the former as the Howcroft 2nd counter Sam unfortunately didn’t score any.

Series leader Tom Broadley consolidated his position with 6 points, 2nd placed Stuart Newbould broke into 3 figures with another 2 points and 3rd placed Tim Garwell managed to salvage 1 point after once again unshipping his chain.

Harry Hunt, missing a rear light, decided not to carry on in the fading light and packed just before the 10 mile point.

Thank you as always to timekeepers Joyce and Keith. As they can’t make it to the 30 Champs a presentation was made after the 15 to thank them for their work this year.

Thank you too of course to the marshals and helpers.

Martin Tallontire is timing the 30 Champs on Sunday 9th September and marshals are still required. The event is on the A168 using the same course as for the 15 but covered twice and starts at 9.00 a.m.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets). Times were taken at 10 miles too, the second of the times listed, points for the 15 only.

Sam Ward 34:55/22:50 (4)

Joe Howcroft 35:39/23:27 (9)

Tim Garwell 37:58/25:24 (1)

Ian Cullen 38:50/25:23 (7)

Stuart Newbould 40:01/26:28 (2)

Megan Cullen 40:24/26:28 (10)

Phil Mason 40:58/26:58 (8)

Sam Howcroft 41:02/27:00

Tom Broadley 42:00/27:40 (6)

Claire Jessop 42:07/27:26 (5)

Tom Radcliffe 42:55/28:20

Tony Wild 44:18/29:11 (3)

Non-qualifying rides

Stephen Ayres 32:36/21:25

Max Vesty 37:26/24:47

Henry Hollyman 40:17/26:45

Adam Grice 42:51/28:27

Points standings after round 21

Tom Broadley 127

Stuart Newbould 100

Tim Garwell 77.5

Tony Wild 61

Jonathan Hobbs 54

Sam Ward 53

Steve Broadley 45

Sheldon Howcroft 43

Helen Goldthorpe 42.5

Chris Yates 39

Claire Jessop 38

John Buddle 37

James Cullen 36

Joe Howcroft 34

Gill Arnett 33

Liam Mealey 33

Martin Tallontire 32

Liz Hills 31

Christine Bell 30.5

Ian Cullen 24.5

Ben Ritz 21

Megan Cullen 20

Phil Mason 20

John Barnett 17

Rachel Crowther 17

Tim Howcroft 14

Greg Jessop 14

Christine Thwaite 11

Chris Radcliffe 10

Tom Wallace 9

Robbie Pollard 8

Steve Moncur 7

Sam Howcroft 4

Stuart Hall 3

Tony Bulmer 1


1st September 2018