A bit of Grass Track, a bit of Time Trialling and a bit of Circuit Racing

Well, summer’s almost over – there’s talk of a reprieve soon but don’t hold your breath – so our racers have been busy getting in the results in local events while they can.


The good weather has meant very pleasant Monday evenings at West Riding Track League (WRTL) meets, although ironically the last event 23rd June was cancelled due to rain.

Final points standings are now available and not surprisingly Otley riders fill many of the top places in the younger categories, reflecting the hard work and commitment from not only the riders themselves but from parents and coaches also. Chapeau to all!

And thank you of course to all the volunteers who have put in a lot of time and hard work also to ensure the events go ahead.

Otley points scorers and final  positions listed below. Please note that Isla Aylward is incorrectly listed as being a member of WRTL instead of Otley CC.


Female U10

Isla Aylward 1st

Geniveve Schubert 2nd

Amy Hodgkins 6th

Amber Peacock 8th

Male U10

Ruaridh Aylward 5th

Oscar Hall 8th

Daniel Middlebrooke 11th

Female U12

Poppy Peacock 1st

Emily Middlebrooke 2nd

Male U12

Jack Wilks 1st

James Luxton 3rd

Alex Hodgkins 6th

Freewheel Handicap

Female U10

Geniveve Schubert 1st

Isla Aylward 2nd

Male U10

Oscar Hall 2nd

Ruaridh Aylward 8th

Female U12

Poppy Peacock 4th

Male U12 

James Luxton 2nd

Jack Wilks 3rd

Fixed Wheel

Female U14 

Isobel Wilks 2nd

Female U16

Eleanor Hunt 2nd

Fixed Wheel Handicap


Isobel Wilks 6th


George Radcliffe 1st

Full final standings and series results are available here courtesy of WRTL.


Fortunately, not all TTs experience the same awful conditions as our riders in the recent Team Swift combined 50, 100 and 12 hour, although in one of them an Otley rider did have to go to the help of another rider who slid off in the wet.

In the Tickhill Velo 10 Saturday 11th August on the O10/1 course south of Doncaster and based at Hatfield Woodhouse, Helen Goldthorpe was the fastest of our three entrants, recording 26:17. Claire Jessop recorded 26:48 and husband Greg 28:24.

The event was won overall by Simon Beldon, Team Bottrill/Vanguard, in 20:18 with Team Swift’s Fiona Sharp fastest woman with 23:37.

Full results and report courtesy of CTT and Snowdon Sports.

Nearer home, Otley riders are still flying the colours in the corsaRosa League.

On Sunday 5th August in Round 7 David Bennett was our sole representative on the V818 course starting and finishing at Ben Rhydding. On a decidedly cool morning, David’s time for the flatter of the two corsaRosa courses was 32:55.

Fastest was Joe Woodman of albaRosa in 24:14 with teammate Ailish Graham fastest woman in 29:00.

Two weeks later in Round 8 on the V810, David and two other Otley riders, Amy Cuthbertson and James Cullen, not only had to contend with the hilly terrain of that course but wind and rain too, so well done to all three for turning up and riding!

Photographs courtesy of Jerry Watson.

James was fastest of the trio in 29:34, followed by Amy, fastest woman overall, with 33:02 and David with 44:14.

James stopped on the way back from the finish to help Ailish Graham who had fallen from her bike in the wet. Fortunately, although grazed she was able to ride back to the HQ.

Fastest overall was Andrew Johnston of Airedale Olympic in 26:37, a fantastic time given the conditions and the terrain.

Thank you to timekeepers, marshals and helpers, particularly for Round 8, having to endure the poor conditions.

Full results for both rounds and standings in the league available here.

Saturday 18th August saw the running of the YCF 15 & 30 TTs, ably organised by our own Claire Jessop on behalf of Otley CC, with helpers and marshals coming from the club and other YCF member clubs.

Held on the single carriageway A168 with the HQ at Arkendale Community Hall, the 15 uses basically the same course we use for our Triangle Series 15 on occasional Tuesday evenings, the V226, albeit with the start and finish at slightly different locations, and the 30 – the V241 – simply covering the 15 course twice.

A warm but blustery day greeted the riders in both events, in which we had three riders on the start sheet for the 15 and one for the 30.

Claire herself was one of the three down to ride the 15 but unfortunately had a spill earlier in the week which meant she took the decision not to compete.

Helen Goldthorpe was the fastest Otley rider in the 15, recording 41:08, followed by Greg Jessop in 43:19.

Fastest overall was David Leckenby of Ilkley CC in 35:07. Fastest woman was former 3 Peaks Cyclo-Cross winner (2013 & 2016) Delia Beddis of Les Filles Racing Team with 36:21.

Full results and report courtesy of CTT and Snowdon Sports.

Chris Yates was our only rider in the 30, recording 1:18:37.

Fastest overall in 1:03:06 was again Simon Beldon of Team Bottrill/Vanguard. The only woman riding, Liz Ball of Valley Striders Cycling Club, recorded 1:28:38.

Trikes in abundance!

Full results and report courtesy of CTT and Snowdon Sports.

Thanks to Claire, ably assisted by Greg, for organising a smooth running and welcoming event and thank you too to the timekeepers, marshals and helpers.


Probably due to holidays, circuit racing results have been a little sparser than usual but that certainly doesn’t mean no points, the opposite in fact.

A total of 24 points were won over 3 races at the CDPP Extra Crits #1 & #2 on the Steven Burke circuit near Colne.

In #1 Thursday 2nd August, Joe Howcroft Andy Robbie Pollard rode the 2/3/4 category event, Joe coming in 3rd for 7 points, Robbie 6th and 4 points.

The following Thursday at #2 Robbie rode to victory in the same category, earning himself 10 points. Jack Coates was 17th in the same race but also took a victory with 1st in the U16 Boys and taking 3 points.

Full results for event 1 and for event 2 courtesy of BC.

On Wednesday 8th August at the WRYL 2018 Wednesday League 9 on the Richard Dunne circuit, Amy Hodgkins was 5th in the U10 Girls and brother Alex was 9th in the U12 Boys.

Full results courtesy of BC.

Our most local circuit hosted the Brownlee Summer Circuit Series Event 3 on Thursday 16th August, James Veitch taking 3 points for 7th place in the 3/4 category event.

Full results courtesy of BC.

In a third event that night, Otley riders, this time at York Sport, took part in the WRYL 2018 Thursday League 8.

In the U16 Boys race Dexter Leeming-Sykes took 2 points for 2nd place.

Morgan Leeming-Sykes was 1st in the U14 Girls, Alex Hodgkins 8th in the U12 Boys and Amy Hodgkins 2nd in the U10 Girls.

Full results courtesy of BC.


20th August 2018