MTB Section – Baildon Moor – Ride Report

Summer evening mountain biking – what could be better?

An eager group of nine riders met in Guiseley ready for a ride into the unknown – mostly because our intrepid leader also didn’t have a firm route in mind other than a vague desire to “go and find some hills and try to be back before it goes dark”. It was great to see a number of riders joining us for the first time – you are always welcome!


For those that have ridden from Guiseley before, this ride starts with a challenging, rough cobbled section for the first 100yds into Spring Woods, but after this the terrain eases off and the rest of the ride was more or less non-technical. Our younger riders (and some not so young!) threw themselves down the woods and we regrouped nearer the bottom for a chat and an impromptu puncture repair and coaching session.

We then headed off towards Saltaire along the canal and after a bit of a discussion about the ice cream van at Roberts Park (Oscar was very disappointed that he couldn’t fit a cone into his bottle cage!) we started to climb up towards Baildon Moor. Pace was steady and everyone was enjoying a relaxing, social ride out in beautiful mid-summer conditions. We turned up Hope Lane and onwards towards the final climb onto the moor. Everyone rode up the last, steep section, a testament to the recent dry conditions – it’s a much tougher climb in the winter mud!



After a rest at the trig point on Baildon Moor (well, some of us rested – some of our younger riders were still blasting around the trails on the top of the moor!) we decided that, as the light was starting to fail, we’d head back via the golf course and Sconce Lane. At this point one of our riders took a spill on a particularly fun section of trail, but was still grinning as he remounted his bike to keep going. A short climb to Weecher Reservoir and then a short road stint back to Guiseley completed the ride.

Spot the road riders on their day off…

As promised, nothing too tough – just a really fun evening out with friends!

Ride Distance: 18 miles
Vertical ascent: 1,400ft
Ride duration: 1hr 45 mins (moving time)