Triangle 16. And the rains came. Almost.

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

Haven’t we been lucky with the weather these last few weeks? But all good things come to an end, although maybe any change isn’t as bad as we’re sometimes led to believe.

The weather forecast for Thursday 26th July wasn’t good with thunderstorms forecast. But even the BBC can get it wrong, although the threat of rain, holidays and upcoming long distance events at the weekend probably dissuaded some from riding.

According to Tony Wild (translated for you) “Mercifully it didn’t rain until afterwards. Dear Sheldon helped me into the back of his car to shelter, whilst everyone else had to make do with rain capes and er…. trees. Tee hee…..“ Competitors were advised beforehand to take brollies so cant say they weren’t warned!

No marginal gains with this latest invention

And talking of Sheldon, here’s his report on the proceedings.

“Some riders had dodged thunder storms on the way out to the event, but like all thunder storms it was a bit hit and miss.

“8 club members and 4 guests made the start line, so club riders knew they would be scoring points for their efforts. “

As the riders started so did the rain, but thankfully it only turned into a short shower and riders reported dry conditions 2 miles into the ride by Weardly.

“The wind fell and it looked a promising fast night. Riders reported very hot conditions, perhaps a little too hot to record seasons best times.

“Overall most riders got close to their best times of the year. One rider to set his fastest of the year was Chris Yates who also collected 10 points.

“Tom Broadley continued to build on his points lead by collectIng 9 points. Interestingly Tom matched his handicap time.

“Stuart Newbould had to settle for 6 points and he still remains in second place. But hey, here are 6 more events and that’s a possible 60 points available, so nothing is decided yet.

“One thing for sure if you want to get some points you have to be on the start line and compete. We don’t give the points away.

“At the end of the event the heavens really did open and a massive amount of rain came down. Thankfully the race was completed by then but unfortunately our time keepers Keith and Joyce got and absolute soaking.

“Many thanks to helpers and marshals on the night. There are a few more marshals needed for events in August please sign up for some more events if you can”.

A mention too for Stuart Hall, taking a break from MTBing to ride the Triangle for the first time and earning himself 3 points.

Thank you to timekeepers and helpers who braved the weather so others could ride.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jonathan Hobbs 29:27 (7)

Chris Yates 31:14 (10)

Stuart Newbould 32:37 (6)

John Buddle 33:40 (4)

Tom Broadley 34:45 (9)

Tony Wild 35:54 (8)

Stuart Hall 36:33 (3)

Greg Jessop 37:00 (5)

Non-qualifying rides

Richard Knellmore 28:50

Adrian Stott 30:05

Ian Galbraith 31:17

Romeo Rossetti 33:27

Points standings after round 16

Tom Broadley 89

Stuart Newbould 78

Tim Garwell 61.5

Jonathan Hobbs 54

Steve Broadley 45

Tony Wild 45

John Buddle 37

Sam Ward 35

James Cullen 32

Sheldon Howcroft 32

Liam Mealey 32

Martin Tallontire 32

Liz Hills 31

Christine Bell 30.5

Helen Goldthorpe 28.5

Claire Jessop 21

Ben Ritz 21

Chris Yates 20

Ian Cullen 17.5

Jihn Barnett 17

Rachel Crowther 17

Joe Howcroft 15

Tim Howcroft 14

Gill Arnett 10

Megan Cullen 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

Tom Wallace 9

Greg Jessop 8

Robbie Pollard 8

Steve Moncur 7

Sam Howcroft 4

Stuart Hall 3

Tony Bulmer 1

Phil Mason 1

Christine Thwaite 1


29th July 2018