Otley ruling the roost at local series

Go ‘G’!

(Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

While we’re all now virtually sure that ‘G’ will reign victorious at Le Tour and in doing so become the first Welsh winner of a Grand Tour, our own racers, young and old, also continue to inspire us with their racing exploits, several of them victorious in their tour of racing in the North, some taking series victories while others are currently leading in series yet to be decided.


It might not be everybody’s idea of how to spend a Sunday morning but Otley rider Helen Coutie obviously revels in riding the corsaRosa League.

Photographs courtesy of Michael Cuthbertson.

The latest round on Sunday 22nd July used the hilly V810 which starts at Addingham, takes the hilly road toward Skipton then turns to return to the outskirts of Addingham via the village’s bypass.

A headwind on the outward leg certainly tested the 20 riders in the event but that didn’t stop Helen once again being the fastest Woman in 31:53, not only consolidating her 3rd place in that category but also her placing at the top of the Woodrup Cycles sponsored Acciaio Rosa (steel framed bikes) standings.

Keeping it in the family, George Radcliffe was once again fastest Youth, recording 29:36, and also leads the Youth standings.

Amy Cuthbertson was 2nd Woman on Sunday with 34:13. Amy is currently 5th in the Women’s standings.

James Cullen finished in 31:01 and is now 4th in the Men’s standings.

Results and standings courtesy of the corsaRosa League. The next event is Sunday 5th August on the flat V818 starting and finishing at Ben Rhydding.


We’ve already reported on Lucy Ellmore’s success overall in the North East Youth League, secured at Round 8 Sunday 15th July but the official results have now come through, Lucy’s 2 points for 2nd place securing her victory in the U16 Girls series.

Dexter Leeming-Sykes rode to 6th place in the U16 points for 4 points. Mo Leeming-Sykes rode the U14 Girls, coming 5th.

However, the success of our younger female riders in race series doesn’t stop there as, after CDPP Crit Series 2018 #14 at the Steven Burke Circuit Thursday 19th July (the final round), Eleanor Hunt is overall victor in the A Girls category despite not being able to ride the last event.

And the icing on the cake is that two other riders, cousins James and Jack Coates have also won their categories, James the E1/2/3, Jack the 3/4. George Radcliffe finished 3rd in the A Boys category.

Final standings courtesy of CDPP.

Eleanor has commented on her series victory.

“I have tried to get to as many of the Thursday night races at the Colne Steven Burke circuit organised by CDDP. 

“It’s a great series to compete in, with good prize money.

“I didn’t make it to all of them as they sometimes clashed with the White rose Youth League series but managed to win the series by one point after the series leader was unable to compete the last couple of races due to injury“.

At Round 14, the first of three consecutive days of racing for The Blue Train, James scored 10 points with victory in the E/1/2/3 event. Jack finished 12th and was also 2nd in the 3/4 category event.

In the U16 Boys George Radcliffe took 1 point for 3rd, Sam Howcroft finishing in 5th.

Full results courtesy of BC.

The same evening at the Bike-Inn Summer Night Series #13 at Middlesbrough Sports Village Luke O’Connell again scored 9 points from two events, the E/1/2/3 and 3/4, but with his positions reversed from his previous results at Round 12. In the E1/2/3 event Luke was 6th, scoring 4 points, taking 5 points in the 3/4 race for 5th place.

Full results courtesy of BC.

More points in another Yorkshire Town Centre race, this time at Barnsley on Friday 20th July.

James Wordsworth took 7 points for 3rd in the U16 Boys with George Radcliffe taking the last available point for 10th.

Perhaps paying for his efforts the evening before, Luke O’Connell was 23rd in the 2/3/4 category event, not representative of his recent good form.

Full results courtesy of BC.

At the same Steven Burke Circuit used for the CDPP Series, Cycle Sport Pendle held their Summer Crits on Saturday 21st July.

James Coates and Robbie Pollard took a sizeable tally of 22 points between them in finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 2/3/4 category event, James with 12 points, Robbie 10. Jack Coates took 5th place but unfortunately no points due to changing from his usual category for the race.

Full results courtesy of BC.


Definitely not the sort of weather we’d expect for a ‘cross race but at least it saves water and hard work from helpers washing down mud encrusted bikes, 10 of our riders enjoying those dry conditions at Round 7 of the YCCA Eleconline Summer Series 2018 at York Sport Wednesday 18th July.

Photographs courtesy of David Leeming-Sykes.

Tony Wild, himself racing at the event, takes up the story. You may need a Thesaurus.

It was as you can imagine –  bone dry and dusty… just how I like it, though I do confess I prefer a more ‘technical’ course, with some uppy/downy (recovery) bits and circles of dooms etc…

“York, being York though is pancake flat. There were a couple of short uphill banks and a loooong draggy slope which did allow for a bit of recovery. This of course suited the stronger rider with bags of stamina (not me then) though I do confess my Triangular Time Trials and tribulations have boosted me Greipels a bit…(No, I’ve no idea either).

“With me setting off near the back – I know my place – after the 1st 50 yards or so of offroad, 120-odd riders are soon enveloped in a thick dust cloud not unlike those scenes from the westerns where a posse has just been rounded up and gallops off into the desert/prairie.. cough cough…

“We are the new treated to half a lap of smooth tarmac on the Yorksoprts roadmans racing circuit… whoopee! I bring the aforementioned Greipels and Time Trialling skills into play, and I am soon snapping at the heels and wheels of the Cullen twins and Mr Tim Hovercraft. Oh yes…  

“Not for long mind, for we soon leave the smooth black top, and onto a patch of gravelly hardcore like hitting a bag of marbles….  Oooooerrrrrr… the bicycle is all over the place, and I am clenching certain muscles for fear of falling off… I was also in fear of having another puncture as it was here that I had punctured (loudly) prior to the race as soon as I had got on the circuit for a look see…. Good job I have spare tube!

“By now the Cullen and Hovercraft families are long gone…. Wait!!! I now content myself for the rest of the race with fighting off my regular arch-nemesis, riders from other clubs, some of whom are also in the strongly competed for old giffer category.

I should say at this point that there is prize money at stake here, lots of it! So as they say on the telly (?) points means prizes. I am also mindful to keep clear of the faster riders lapping me. 

“I’m afraid I can no longer report on the to-ings and fro-ings of those in front other than young Sam Howcroft and Dexter Leeming-Sykes appear to be doing very nicely, as I am lapped once by Sam, and twice by Dexter! Ahem….

“I am not lapped by any of the Cullen/Howcroft seniors. So, a cracking race, better than I feared. Thanks to Clifton CC and Fearless Fred Rothwell for the organising, plus the usual YCCA suspects”.


U14 Race

Ruaridh Aylward MU10 – 2nd category, 32nd overall

Isla Aylward FU10 – 3rd category, 29th overall

Morgan Leeming-Sykes FU14 – 6th category, 29th overall

Over 14 Race

Dexter Leeming-Sykes MU16 – 1st category, 13th overall

Sam Howcroft MU16 – 8th category, 56th overall 

Megan Cullen FJun – 1st category, 80th overall

James Cullen MV50 – 13th category, 77th overall

Tim Howcroft MV50 – 15th category, 81st overall

Ian Cullen MV50 – 19th category, 87th overall

Tony Wild MV60 – 4th category, 107th overall. Says Tony: “Yes, I have moved up a bit, mind you, the World Masters Champ John Ginley wasn’t present, which helped”.

Full results courtesy of YCCA.


28th July 2018