Triangle 14 & 15. 10 Champs and the ubiquitous 12 1/2

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

The shortest of our Triangle Series Championships, the 10 Mile, took place Tuesday 17th July, followed by the usual Pool Triangle 12 1/2 Thursday 19th.

10 Mile Championships 

News came through recently that the A168 near Boroughbridge on which the 10 Champs were to be held was to be surface dressed, causing some consternation particularly when the Valley Striders had to cancel their 25 on that road.

Photographs courtesy of Jon Hunt

However, we needn’t have worried as the parts of the road that had been resurfaced were generally better than before, cracks and potholes having been repaired (see, it can be done!)

The demoralising headwind up the Red Wall did rear its ugly head but it wasn’t as bad as in recent weeks and all in all it was an enjoyable event for the 20 members competing for the Championships plus two additional on the night entrants. 

Megan Cullen took the maximum 10 points with President Liz Hills right behind her and scoring her highest ever single points tally of 9. Having to ride his road bike while his TT bike is repaired, Tim Howcroft proved the form is returning by scoring 7 points. 

Good to see points leader Tom Broadley back too. Tom shared points with Helen Goldthorpe, both scoring 4.5 points. Christine Bell, leading woman in the points series and riding one of her last TTs before her and tandem partner ride the Team Swift 12hr on Sunday 29th July, took 6 points.

Of course, it wasn’t all about points, there were six Championship awards to compete for. And the winners are:

Overall: Jonathan Hobbs 23:58

Woman: Helen Goldthorpe 26:18

Senior Handicap: Liz Hills 21:55 (32:39 less 10.44 handicap)

U18 Woman: Megan Cullen 27:04

U16: Sam Howcroft 26:47

U16 Handicap: Eleanor Hunt 22:16 (27:46 less 5:30 handicap)

Congratulations to all our new 10 Mile Champions!

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jonathan Hobbs 23:58

Tim Garwell 24:49

James Cullen 25:04

Ian Cullen 25:12

Stuart Newbould 25:40 (3)

John Buddle 25:53 (1)

Liam Mealey 26:06

Helen Goldthorpe 26:15 (4.5)

Sam Howcroft 26:47

Tim Howcroft 26:54 (7)

Megan Cullen 27:04 (10)

Martin Tallontire 27:22

Tom Broadley 27:34 (4.5)

Eleanor Hunt 27:46

John Barnett 28:03 (8)

Tony Wild 28:55

Sheldon Howcroft 29:18 (2)

Christine Bell 32:26 (6)

Liz Hills 32:39 (9)

Tony Bulmer 32:57

Non-qualifying rides

Stephen Lloyd 24:07

Phil Mason 25:58

Pool Triangle 12 1/2

It’s hard to believe but we’ve had good weather for every Pool Triangle event in 2018, the only fly in the ointment being the traffic lights on the course that caused it to be shortened on 24th May.

So, with those good conditions it might be expected that the fastest ride by an Otley rider – 28:57 by Sam Ward at the first event 3rd May – might have been bettered as the season went on.

Well, a faster time was finally achieved Thursday 19th July when Sam went 34 seconds quicker, recording 28:23 and earning himself 4 points.

The fastest women’s time so far this season is 34:35 set by Helen Goldthorpe on 31st May. Coincidentally, that bettered Helen’s previous best 2018 time also set at the first Triangle event of the year, a 34:49.

Chris Yates is certainly back with a bang, taking the maximum 10 points. Leading points protagonists Tom Broadley and Stuart Newbould scored 9 and 8 points respectively.

Sans 12-hour tandem partner, Rachel Crowther was highest scoring woman with 7 points.

Good to see Justin Dyson riding his first Triangle of 2018, recording a very respectable – and symmetrical – 38:38.

Sam Ward wasn’t the only one going faster, Otley member but competing in Bronte Wheelers colours Stephen Lloyd finally achieved one of his ambitions by recording an under 30 minute ride with 29:49, fastest of the non-qualifying rides. Double celebration in the Hills/Lloyd household after Liz winning tbe 10 Handicap Award two days previously!

Thank you of course to the timekeepers and helpers and marshals, doubling up again for the two events.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Sam Ward 28:23 (4)

Jonathan Hobbs 29:59 (3)

Tim Garwell 31:07 (1)

Chris Yates 31:37 (10)

Stuart Newbould 32:33 (8)

John Buddle 33:02 (6)

Liam Mealey 33:11

Tom Broadley 35:03 (9)

Helen Goldthorpe 35:04

Shaun Walby 36:04

Tony Wild 36:33 (2)

Rachel Crowther 37:09 (7)

Sheldon Howcroft 37:34 (5)

Justin Dyson 38:38

Non-qualifying rides

Stephen Lloyd 29:49

Richard Knellmore 29:56

Andy Stott 30:32

Gary Simpson 33:23

Points standings after rounds 14 & 15

Tom Broadley 80

Stuart Newbould 72

Tim Garwell 61.5

Jonathan Hobbs 47

Steve Broadley 45

Tony Wild 37

Sam Ward 35

John Buddle 33

James Cullen 32

Sheldon Howcroft 32

Liam Mealey 32

Martin Tallontire 32

Liz Hills 31

Christine Bell 30.5

Helen Goldthorpe 28.5

Claire Jessop 21

Ben Ritz 21

Ian Cullen 17.5

John Barnett 17

Rachel Crowther 17

Joe Howcroft 15

Tim Howcroft 14

Gill Arnett 10

Megan Cullen 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

Chris Yates 10

Tom Wallace 9

Robbie Pollard 8

Steve Moncur 7

Sam Howcroft 4

Greg Jessop 3

Tony Bulmer 1

Phil Mason 1

Christine Thwaite 1


22nd July 2018