Triangle 13. Hilly 14 Champs

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

A hot and sunny summer Thursday evening, just the kind of conditions for a hilly time trial. Or maybe not, but that didn’t stop a total of 22 riders tackling the tough course based near Farnley in the Club Hilly 14 Champs on 12th July.

19 of thd 22 were chasing 4 awards, those being Fastest Overall, Fastest Woman, Fastest Junior and First Handicap (one rider, one prize rule applied).

Fastest Otley rider was Sam Ward with 37:12, not only winning Sam the Overall award but also the maximum 10 points. Winning the Fastest Woman award was Megan Cullen in 46:01.

Megan Cullen

Sam Ward

Joe Howcroft won the Fastest Junior Award in 38:06 with the added bonus of 10 points. The Handicap Award goes to Robbie Pollard with 38:37. Robbie also took 8 points, his first of the season, as did Sam Howcroft who took 4 points.

Joe Howcroft

Robbie Pollard

James Wordsworth hadn’t entered the Championship which was a pity as he pushed Sam Ward closely with a ride of 37:21, that on the back of his win the evening before in the U16 Boys event of the Skipton Youth Cycle Races. More of that to report on later.

Fastest ride of the night was by guest rider Cameron Blake with 36.55.

Curiously enough, several riders commented on how much they enjoyed it and would like to do it more than once a year. There’s a thought for the 2019 season. Maybe an extended version too, taking in Pot Bank and Penny Pot Lane, although the latter fills many with dread, due not in part to its current condition and also to being 4 monotonous miles of virtually flat and straight tarmac.

Thank you to the timekeepers and to all helpers and marshals. Without their help these events really wouldn’t happen.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Sam Ward 37:12 (10)

Joe Howcroft 38:06 (9)

Robbie Pollard 38:37 (8)

Jonathan Hobbs 40:03 (7)

James Cullen 42:18 (6)

Ian Cullen 43:38 (5)

Sam Howcroft 43:52 (4)

Liam Mealey 44:05 (3)

Ben Ritz 44:27 (2)

Stuart Newbould 44:34 (1)

Tim Garwell 44:58

Megan Cullen 46:01

Tim Howcroft 46:13

Claire Jessop 47:42

Tony Wild 49:52

Greg Jessop 50:01

Rachel Crowther 50:59

Helen Goldthorpe 52:04

Christine Bell 55:51

Non-qualifying rides

Cameron Blake 36:55

James Wordsworth 37:21

Patrick Blake 41:19

Points standings after round 13

Tom Broadley 66.5

Stuart Newbould 61

Tim Garwell 60.5

Steve Broadley 45

Jonathan Hobbs 44

Tony Wild 35

James Cullen 32

Liam Mealey 32

Martin Tallontire 32

Sam Ward 31

John Buddle 26

Sheldon Howcroft 25

Christine Bell 24.5

Helen Goldthorpe 24

Liz Hills 22

Claire Jessop 21

Ben Ritz 21

Ian Cullen 17.5

Joe Howcroft 15

Gill Arnett 10

Rachel Crowther 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

John Barnett 9

Tom Wallace 9

Robbie Pollard 8

Tim Howcroft 7

Steve Moncur 7

Sam Howcroft 4

Greg Jessop 3

Tony Bulmer 1

Phil Mason 1

Christine Thwaite 1

The 10 Mile Championships take place Tuesday 17th July on the A168 near Boroughbridge then it’s back to the Pool Triangle itself for the 12.5 on Thursday 19th July.


16th July 2018