Racing round up – hill climbing and competing on the scorched earth

Racing news recently has followed Otley riders success competing in road & circuit racing and in the Triangle Series but our riders of course take part in many and varied types of racing, often equalling the success of their road counterparts.

Time Trialling

The hill climb season has started.

What, this early? Doesn’t it usually start round about September or October? Well, traditionally it does but we’re different here in Yorkshire. (See 2013 National Hill Climb Champion, previous Otley CC open hill climb winner and former Otley CC member Tejvan Pettinger’s website Cycling Uphill for lots of information on hill climbs).

The Yorkshire Hill Climb Points Competition – Information here – comprises 10 events, including our own 2-stage event Saturday 6th October, the first counting event being the YCF Hill Climb Tuesday 26th June on the 4.8 mile V9916 Cragg Vale Climb near Mytholmroyd, Britain’s longest continual incline, used by the Tour de France in 2014.

The 2014 Tour de France peloton tackles Cragg Vale.

(Photograph courtesy of Nicola Carter/Pinterest).

Unfortunately, due to traffic lights on the course the event was shortened to 3.3 miles.

Traditionally an event that sees many Otley riders entering, it unfortunately clashed with the Triangle 10/15 so only three rode this year. Claire Jessop was fastest of the trio in 14:19.4 with husband Greg exactly 10 seconds slower in 14:29.4. Andrew Bolton, starting his 2018  hill climb campaign, recorded 14:32.2.

The overall winner was Jude Taylor of Team B38 Underpin in 10:10.1. Sarah Lewthwaite of Team Sportslab was fastest Woman with 12:52.7.

Full results courtesy of Phil Hurt and YCF.

Grass Track

In the West Riding Track League No. 5 on 25th June at Roundhay Park, Otley riders stood on the top step of the podium 10 times over the different categories.

Fixed Wheel

Eleanor Hunt took the most wins, two in the Women’s Sprint, one in the Group D & Women, and one as first Woman in the Unknown Distance. She was also 4th in the Women’s Handicap.

George Radcliffe took a win too in the Block Handicap, plus 2nd in the Devil, 3rd in the Men’s Handicap and 4th Male in the Unknown Distance.

Isobel Wilks took podium places in three events with a 2nd and a 3rd in the Women’s Sprint and as 3rd Woman in the Unknown Distance. She also took 4th in the Group D & Women’s event and 7th in the Women’s Handicap.

Archive photograph of Roundhay grass track racing


More podium topping rides in the Freewheel category.

Emily Middlebrooke had the most victories winning twice in the Group 1 Girls with a third win in the Girls Devil.

Poppy Peacock took two 2nd places in the Group 1 Girls and a 3rd in the Girls Devil.

In the Group 2 Girls, Isa Aylward took a 2nd and a 5th with Geniveve Schubert 3rd and 4th.

Jack Wilks had two wins with 1st  place in both Group 2 Boys races.

Also in the Group 1 Boys, Ruaridh Aylward took a 3rd and a 4th, Oscar Hall two 5th places, James Luxton two 6th places and Daniel Middlebrooke two 7th places.

Freewheel Handicap

In the Group 1 Girls & Boys Oscar Hall was 3rd, James Luxton 4th, Daniel Middlebrooke 6th, Ruaridh Aylward 7th, Poppy Peacock 9th and Emily Middlebrooke 11th.

Jack Wilks was 4th in the Group 2 Girls & Boys with Geniveve Schubert 6th and Isla Aylward 14th.

Cyclo Cross

Although there’s been a few YCCA ‘cross meets in recent weeks, Otley CC participation, for several reasons, hasn’t been as involved as it would normally be but two of our younger riders have kept the faith.

In the YCCA Eleconline Summer Series 2018 meeting Wednesday 4th July at Thornes Junior Football Club in Osset, Ruaridh Aylward (MU10) rode the U14 race, finishing 26th overall and 4th in his category.

Three days later on Saturday 7th July in the Scarborough Cycling Festival Cyclo Cross at Oliver’s Mount (not part of the Eleconline Summer Series),

Full results for Osset and Scarborough courtesy of YCCA.


15th July 2018