Triangle 12. Another hot one

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

Back to just the one event this week, the favourite ride round the Pool Triangle itself on Thursday 5th July.

With five guest riders, the numbers swelled to 17, although sadly of course two of the leading points contenders Steve and Tom Broadley couldn’t be with us but were very much in our thoughts.

Another hot evening, evidenced by the parched ground, although riders said it wasn’t as fast as they thought it would be due to some sneaky breezes round the course.

Is that aerodynamic contraption UCI legal Liz or are you testing out Otley CCs version of a rolling road closure?

Photograph courtesy of Helen Goldthorpe.

Riding the Triangle for only the second time this year, Rachel Crowther recorded a time a minute faster than her previous one and took the maximum 10 points. Tom Wallace rode for the first time in 2018, chasing minute man dad Andrew and catching him by the bottom of Harewood Bank, and was rewarded with 9 points.

Obviously bitten by the TT bug, Steve Moncur, although slower than his first ever Triangle ride the previous week, scored 6 points.

Chris Yates, uncharacteristically at the back end of the field, suffered a puncture just a couple of miles into his ride but was able to fix it and carry on riding the rest of the course.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jonathan Hobbs 30:03 (7)

Tim Garwell 31:42 (1)

Stuart Newbould 33:18 (8)

Martin Tallontire 33:43 (5)

Liam Mealey 34:59

Ben Ritz 35:18 (4)

Claire Jessop 35:25 (2)

Rachel Crowther 37:49 (10)

Tom Wallace 37:51 (9)

Sheldon Howcroft 38:38 (3)

Steve Moncur 39:59 (6)

Andrew Wallace 42:07

Chris Yates 43:07

Non-qualifying rides

Stephen Lloyd 30:18

Adrian Stott 31:13

Gary Simpson 31:21

Ian Galbraith 31:34

Romeo Rossetti 34:14

“All good!” says Stephen

Points standings after round 12

Tom Broadley 66.5

Tim Garwell 60.5

Stuart Newbould 60

Steve Broadley 45

Jonathan Hobbs 37

Tony Wild 35

Martin Tallontire 32

Liam Mealey 29

John Buddle 26

James Cullen 26

Sheldon Howcroft 25

Christine Bell 24.5

Helen Goldthorpe 24

Liz Hills 22

Claire Jessop 21

Sam Ward 21

Ben Ritz 19

Ian Cullen 12.5

Gill Arnett 10

Rachel Crowther 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

John Barnett 9

Tom Wallace 9

Tim Howcroft 7

Steve Moncur 7

Joe Howcroft 6

Greg Jessop 3

Tony Bulmer 1

Phil Mason 1

Christine Thwaite 1

Next week, Thursday 12th July, it’s the Hilly 14 Championships at Farnley.

Thank you as always to timekeepers and helpers.

9th July 2018