Club Hilly 14 Championships 2018 – start sheet

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

The 2018 Otley Cycle Club 14 Mile Hilly Time Trial Championships take place Thursday 12th July

The event starts at Farnley with the first rider, Christine Bell, off at 7.31 p.m.

Please note: Points will be awarded on scratch (actual time) only. The handicaps listed are for the Handicap Championship only.

1 Christine Bell 10-00 h/c

2 Tony Bulmer 8-00 h/c

3 Rachel Crowther 7-00 h/c

4 Tony Wild 7-00 h/c

5 Helen Goldthorpe 6-00 h/c

6 Greg Jessop 5-30 h/c

7 Tim Howcroft 4-30 h/c

8 Claire Jessop 4-30 h/c

9 Sam Howcroft (Jnr) 3-30 h/c

10 Megan Cullen (Jnr) 4-00 h/c

11 Ben Ritz 4-00 h/c

12 Joe Howcroft (Jnr) SCR  

13 Liam Mealey 3-30 h/c

14 Stuart Newbould 3-30 h/c

15 Ian Cullen 3-00 h/c 

16 Tim Garwell 3-00 h/c

17 James Cullen 3-00 h/c 

18 Jonathan Hobbs 1-00 h/c

19 Robbie Pollard SCR  

20 Sam Ward SCR    


Fastest overall


Fastest Female

Fastest Junior

Triangle points to be awarded to the top 10 on scratch (actual time).


START 0.25 miles East of Farnley Hall on the Otley to Leathley road. Continue to bottom of hill then turn left to Leathley onto the B6161. (M) Continue until 0.25 miles before Beckwithshaw then turn left (Norwood Lane/Broad Dubb Road) to Bland Hill (M) then left to Norwood Edge (M). Turn left at the end of the road (Farnley village) (M) to finish at the same point as the start.