Triangle 8 2018. Gone with the Wind

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

Storm Hector – who’d have thought a storm would be named after a children’s TV glove puppet – certainly played havoc Thursday 14th June, high winds putting paid to many plans, including our own Mountain Goats whose leader Christine Bell took the wise decision to cancel their regular Thursday ride. Would it affect the Triangle too?

“Crikey” says Sheldon, “that there embrocation stings ones eyes”. Could’ve been worse Sheldon…

Frankly, the evening’s event wasn’t Gone with the Wind, although numbers were. Only 10 riders faced the timekeeper and the wind, though that had thankfully eased a little but was still strong enough to make it fast towards Harewood and not a little testing from the Harrogate bypass roundabout to Pool. Oh, the agony.

All smiles from Christine – before battling with the wind!

Almost as a reward for timekeeping the week before, long distance specialist Martin Tallontire took the maximum 10 points. Christine Thwaite, the only woman riding, and John ‘I’m only testing out my tri bars you understand’ Barnett scored their first points of 2018, Christine 1 and John 9. With Tom Broadley marshalling, Tim Garwell extended his lead in the points table to 11 over Tom after scoring 6 points. Jonathan Hobbs recorded the fastest ride with 30:35.

Tony resplendent in his new Otley jersey

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jonathan Hobbs 30:35 (7)

Tim Garwell 31:23 (6)

Martin Tallontire 33:34 (10)

Ben Ritz 36:03 (4)

Stuart Newbould 36:19 (3)

John Barnett 37:14 (9)

Steve Broadley 38:22 (8)

Sheldon Howcroft 39:02 (5)

Tony Wild 39:41 (2)

Christine Thwaite 40:49 (1)

Marshals always required

Points standings after Round 8

Tim Garwell 49.5

Tom Broadley 38.5

Stuart Newbould 35

Steve Broadley 30

Jonathan Hobbs 30

Liam Mealey 27

Tony Wild 21

John Buddle 20

Martin Tallontire 20

Sheldon Howcroft 17

Claire Jessop 17

Helen Goldthorpe 16

Christine Bell 15.5

Ben Ritz 15

James Cullen 13

Sam Ward 11

Gill Arnett 10

Liz Hills 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

John Barnett 9

Ian Cullen 8.5

Joe Howcroft 6

Tim Howcroft 5

Greg Jessop 3

Tony Bulmer 1

Phil Mason 1

Christine Thwaite 1

Thanks as always to timekeepers and helpers.

Next week it’s the 25 Champs. That’s twice round the Pool Triangle. Start list attached. Others can ride but won’t be eligible for the Champs and can also ride just one lap instead.

15th June 2018