Dry roads and where’s the mud?

We’ve certainly not had much, if any, rain recently up north which has left surfaces nice and dry and mud free for grass track and cyclo cross off-roading (result, less bike cleaning, particularly for mums and dads!) And for time trialling. Those very rigid deep section aero wheels combined with narrow and pumped-up-high TT tyres can be a little skittish in the wet. Although some rules don’t allow such mysterious trickery. Read on…

Grass Track

The 3rd 2018 West Riding Track League (WRTL) was held Monday 4th June and as you’d expect Otley sent a large contingent to Roundhay Park to bag lots of placings and podiums.

Don’t forget, this is where future World Champions including Club Patron Lizzie Diegnan (2015 Women’s World Road Champion) and Tom Pidcock (2017 Junior Men’s World Cyclo Cross Champion and 2017 Junior Men’s World Time Trial Champion) once raced so let’s hope one of our current crop of grass track stars can emulate them.

Free Wheel

Group 4 Boys

Jacob Peacock 6th & 6th

Group 2 Girls

Isla Aylward 1st & 1st

Geniveve Schubert 2nd & 2nd

Amber Peacock 5th & 3rd

Group 1 Girls

Emily Middlebrooke 2nd, 2nd & 2nd

Poppy Peacock 4th, 4th & 3rd

Group 1 Boys

Ruaridh Aylward 3rd, 4th & 4th

Daniel Middlebrooke 5th, 5th & 7th

Oscar Hall 6th & 6th

Jack Wilks 8th

Group 3/4 Boys Handicap

Jacob Peacock 12th

Group 1/2/3 Girls Handicap

Poppy Peacock 3rd

Geniveve Schubert 8th

Group 1/2 Boys Handicap

Jack Wilks 2nd

Ruaridh Aylward 3rd

Daniel Middlebrooke 5th

Free Wheel TT

Emily Middlebrooke 20.66

Daniel Middlebrooke 22.46

Ruaridh Aylward 22.52

Poppy Peacock 22.70

Jack Wilks 23.40

Isla Aylward 25.95

Amber Peacock 27.76

Geniveve Schubert 29.20

George Charlton 29.73

Jacob Peacock 33.38

Fixed Wheel

Group D & Women

Eleanor Hunt 2nd

Isobel Wilks 5th

Block Handicap

George Radcliffe 1st

Women & Girls Sprint Final

Eleanor Hunt 1st

Isobel Wilks 5th

Handicap Final

George Radcliffe 2nd

Women Handicap

Eleanor Hunt 4th

Isobel Wilks 5th


George Radcliffe 2nd

Eleanor Hunt 7th

Unknown Distance

Eleanor Hunt 1st Woman

George Radcliffe 2nd Man

Full  results courtesy of WRTL Facebook page.

Cyclo Cross

Another off-road discipline in which Otley riders enjoy some mid week racing, and not just restricted to the younger end. They won’t mind it being pointed out – really, they won’t – that some of our oldies are particular to some ‘cross too, so let’s start with them for a change.

Recent recruit to our crossers Tony Wild rides in the MV60 category and at the 4th YCCA Eleconline Summer Series 2018 Wednesday 6th June at Spen Valley High School in Liversedge Tony was 116th overall and 6th in his category riding in the Over 14 event. In the same event James Cullen (MV50) was 70th overall, 10th in his class. Representing the Howcrofts in the absence of injured Tim was eldest son Joe (MJun) who was 5th overall and 2nd in his category, highest placed OCC rider. Dexter Leeming-Sykes (MU16) was 20th overall and 3rd in his category.

Full results courtesy of YCCA.

In the Under 14 race we had 3 riders in Otley colours. Ruaridh Aylward (MU10) was the highest placed, 25th overall, 3rd in his category. Isla Aylward (FU10) finished 66th overall and 4th in her category and Morgan Leeming-Sykes was 42nd overall and, neatly, 5th in her category, FU14.

Full results courtesy of YCCA.

Photographs courtesy of Lucy Cullen, Tim Howcroft and David Leeming-Sykes.

Time Trialling

3rd June Claire Jessop rode the East Bradford CC 15 mile TT on the V221 course using the A168 and based at Arkendale Community Hall.

Claire recorded 41:01, almost 5 minutes shy on a windy day – and a windy day on the A168 is very windy! – of her club record of 36:08.

Fastest overall was Richard Sharp of Team Swift in 32:03. Fastest Woman in 38:15 was Sarah Lewthwaite of Team Sportslab.

Full results and report courtesy of CTT and Snowdon Sports.

Photograph courtesy of Greg Jessop.

Following the East Bradford event, Claire is still in the lead in 2018 YCF SpoCo Women’s competition, Helen Goldthorpe in 5th. Table courtesy of YCF & Phil Hurt.

Round 3 of the 2018 corsaRosa League took place Sunday 10th June on the flat V818 which uses the A65 Ilkley to Otley road, covering the Burley bypass twice.

And remember we commented about some rules not allowing deep section aero wheels? Well, that ban applies in corsaRosa, along with non-TT bikes, aero bars, skin suits and shoe covers. Only road bikes are allowed which means the competition opens up to more people being able to ride without having to invest in specific TT equipment. corsaRosa League 2018 rules can be found in the Handbook.

A relatively calm but chilly morning greeted the riders, 7 of which were from Otley CC. Fastest of those was Paul Evans in 25:02, 9 seconds quicker than James Cullen (25:11).

Fastest Youth was once again George Radcliffe in 26:41 and Helen Coutie fastest Woman with 27:22. Both now sit at the top of their respective categories.

Time trialling first timers Matthew and Amy Cuthbertson finished in 28:18 and 30:09. David Bennett, photographer from round 2, recorded 32:32.

Fastest ride overall was 22:33 by Russell Brown of Yorkshire Road Club.

Full results and standings here. Click on the individual tabs for details.

The next event, using the hilly V814, is Sunday 24th June. Why not register with the league then come along and have a ride or volunteer to marshal? See RiderHQ for details.

Andrew Bolton sets off on marshalling duties