Triangle 7 2018. Racing by numbers

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

It’s all about the numbers isn’t  it, the Triangle series. Well, it seemed it Thursday 7th June.

And before we go any further, yes, there is a distinct lack of photographs of the actual event this week as your sporting correspondent decided to ride rather than stand shouting ‘encouragement’ to those plucky enough to race. Hopefully the library pictures go some way to make up for this.

Stop being a nerd and ride The Triangle for once!

14 riders, all Otley CC, nil guests, were chasing a total of 55 points – 10 for 1st handicap, down to 1 for 10th – but 4 riders would be unlucky, or unhappy based casually upon the ‘glass half full/half empty’ adage.

With one of the top 5, Steve Broadley, away on holiday and another, Stuart Newbould, marshalling it opened up slightly to others on what was another good night for time trialling.

Obviously coming in to good form, Claire Jessop took the maximum 10 points and was fastest woman too, with husband Greg at the opposite end of the scale in taking the last point available. Fastest rider was Jonathan Hobbs in 30:08.

Not riding and not scoring any points means Stuart drops to 3rd and 2017 points champion Tom Broadley with 7.5 points leapfrogs him to 2nd. Liam Mealey, 4th in the standings didn’t take any points but maintains his place. Tim Garwell remains top.

Last week’s top scorer Tony Wild dropped a point, much to his consternation, scoring only 9. A point per pie Tony?

Race Team co-sponsor Dave Burrows rode his first Triangle event for quite some time but unfortunately missed out on points.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets)

Jonathan Hobbs 30:08 (5)

Tim Garwell 30:59 (3)

Ian Cullen 31:44 (7.5)

Claire Jessop 34:16 (10)

Liam Mealey 34:26

Helen Goldthorpe 34:47 (2)

Ben Ritz 35:18

Greg Jessop 36:32 (1)

Tony Wild 36:44 (9)

Gill Arnett 36:37 (6)

Dave Burrows 36:51

John Barnett 36:53

Tom Broadley 37:33 (7.5)

Sheldon Howcroft 38:06 (4)

Thank you to stand in timekeeper, extremely long distance rider Martin Tallontire. Martin had recently returned from the 1,000km (yes, one thousand) West Highland audax – see Martin’s story of his ride on his Facebook page. Thank you too of course to marshals and helpers.

Timkeeper Martin happy to be resting his legs

Please remember to get your 25 Championships entry to Sheldon on or before Thursday 14th June.

Points standings after Round 7

Tim Garwell 43.5

Tom Broadley 38.5

Stuart Newbould 32

Liam Mealey 27

Jonathan Hobbs 23

Steve Broadley 22

John Buddle 20

Tony Wild 19

Claire Jessop 17

Helen Goldthorpe 16

Christine Bell 15.5

James Cullen 13

Sheldon Howcroft 12

Ben Ritz 11

Sam Ward 11

Gill Arnett 10

Liz Hills 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

Martin Tallontire 10

Ian Cullen 8.5

Joe Howcroft 6

Tim Howcroft 5

Greg Jessop 3

Tony Bulmer 1

Phil Mason 1


10th June 2018