Triangle 6 2018. Birthdays and mathematical conundrums. And pies.

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

Thank goodness for birthdays and your honorary racing secretary’s ongoing mathematical ineptitude. And pies (all will be revealed).

With a relatively calm night, no traffic lights and fortunately no incidents those aforementioned subjects add a little spice to an otherwise fairly quiet evening, although that’s likely how Trianglists prefer it when battling for points.

Thursday 31st May wasn’t necessarily quiet though for Helen Goldthorpe who the more senior members – those the grand old age of 40 and over –  metaphorically welcomed to the heady heights of the Veterans Time Trials Association (VTTA) on the day of her 40th. As well as cards, cake, beer and a large picture of her and ‘a Canadian bloke’ as described by John Churchman, Helen received 5 points which no doubt was the icing on said cake.

Despite his regular penchant for a Middlemiss pork pie, Tony Wild took the maximum 10 points, his first of 2018. Maybe there’s some secret ingredient in those pies, though it’s highly unlikely that Otley member and chief pie maker Peter Middlemiss will reveal his recipe.

Selfie courtesy of Tony.

We can now exclusively reveal the answer to the question on people’s lips since time immemorial, “Who ate all the pies? ‘twas The Turbot.

With the change in the points system, all 10 of the Otley riders competing received points, Greg Jessop and the other Tony, Tony Bulmer, not only riding their first 2018 Triangle event but also scoring their first points too, 2 and 1 respectively. Series Supremo Sheldon scored 8, his first points of 2018.

What a way to spend your birthday!

Greg not taking it seriously as usual

Fastest Otley rider was current Series leader Tim Garwell with 30:57 who shared points with Christine Bell, both scoring 6.5 for their equal handicap time. Helen added to her celebrations by being fastest Otley woman with 34:35.

Helen just holds off partner Liam

Stuart Newbould has his own police escort

John Buddle taking a break from dry stone walling

Richmond Denton was once again the fastest guest rider in 29:34, Hannah Riechert recording 33:08 as fastest woman.

Points qualifying rides (points in brackets) (E&OE)

It took a while but we got there in the end after the usual social media ‘discussions’, head scratching, more social media discussions and a final re-calculation and approval by Sheldon. And relax…

What we need is a Triangle app.

Tim Garwell 30:57 (6.5)

Liam Mealey 32:37 (3)

John Buddle 33:22 (4)

Helen Goldthorpe 34:35 (5)

Stuart Newbould 34:42 (9)

Greg Jessop 36:08 (2)

Tony Wild 37:30 (10)

Sheldon Howcroft 38:10 (8)

Tony Bulmer 41:15 (1)

Christine Bell 42:23 (6.5)

Non-qualifying rides

Richmond Denton 29:34

Joe Simons 30:13

Hannah Riechert 33:08

Mike Ayers 39:48

Thank you to Geoff Barrett for stepping in as timekeeper whilst Joyce and Keith are on holiday and to all helpers and marshals. Have you signed up to help?

DON’T FORGET: It’s the club 25 championships Thursday 21st June. Twice round the Triangle, you lucky people! To be eligible for the awards – Overall (David Booth Trophy), Women (Beryl Burton Trophy), Handicap (Wolstenholme Trophy) – you must enter in advance, completed entry forms – available on the CTT website here – to Sheldon no later than Thursday 14th June. On the night entries will be accepted but won’t qualify for any award. You can just ride one lap also.

Points standings after Round 6 (E&OE)

Tim Garwell 40.5

Stuart Newbould 32

Tom Broadley 31

Liam Mealey 27

Steve Broadley 22

John Buddle 20

Jonathan Hobbs 18

Christine Bell 15.5

Helen Goldthorpe 14

James Cullen 13

Ben Ritz 11

Sam Ward 11

Liz Hills 10

Chris Radcliffe 10

Martin Tallontire 10

Tony Wild 10

Sheldon Howcroft 8

Claire Jessop 7

Joe Howcroft 6

Tim Howcroft 5

Gill Arnett 4

Greg Jessop 2

Tony Bulmer 1

Ian Cullen 1

Phil Mason 1


3rd June 2018