Half-Day Social Series Rides Sunday 20th May

Details of the Social Series rides for Sunday 20th below ….

We do not currently have a Strenuous Ride to a lack of volunteer Ride leaders – if you’d like to volunteer to lead the Strenuous Ride get in touch !


Gentle Ride to North Rigton 16-19 miles depending on group !


Route May be slightly extended depending on experience of group !

Cafe Stop @ Square & Compass

Ride Leader Steven Moncur

Back Marker Sheila Mason

Stretching Ride 1 to Silsden 25 miles

A nice ride out to Silsden with a bit of a climb in the middle of it !!


Ride Leader Andrew Chalke

Cafe Stop Bilaluci

Stretching Ride 2 to Thorner 30 miles

this is the longer of the 2 Stretching rides but doesn’t have a big hill in the middle of it !!


Ride Leader Mark Sage

Cafe Stop Deli in  Thorner