The Seniors have their day!

We reported recently on the continued success of our younger racers. Well, last weekend it was the turn of some of our more senior riders in the Drighlington BC 25-mile TT on Saturday 5th May.

Well known in Triangle circles, the rivalry between the Cullen brothers James and Ian and the Howcroft brothers Sheldon and Tim reared its ugly head once again this year in the Drig event, although Tim was at a disadvantage as he was the only Howcroft racing, Triangle Series organiser Sheldon still to start his season.

Not to be outdone, our Women’s 25-mile TT record holder Claire Jessop was taking advantage too of the good weather, plus all four riders benefited from some early season training in the sun sur le continent, Claire and husband Greg spending time in Nice, Tim, Ian, James and their domestiques further west along the Mediterranean coast in Albir.

Claire and Greg sunning themselves in the South of France

Vuelta Geriátrica in Albir. Careful now Tim!

Anyway, back to that Cullen vs Howcroft rivalry.

The ‘25’ is the Blue Riband of British time trialling, getting under the hour for a 25 mph ride often being a specific target for riders. So, the battle for which dynasty would take the first 2018 sub-hour 25 was on.

Thankfully, Claire could rise above getting involved in such shenanigans and rode her way to a 1:02:51. That’s not too far shy of her 2017 record of 59:56 and coming relatively early in the season does it mean a new record could be on the cards in 2018?

Fastest of the blokes was James with 58:37. Ian followed with a ride just under the hour – 59:59. Bet there were some tense moments round the results board waiting for that time. Tim missed out on a 25 mph ride by 36 – count ‘em, 36 – seconds with 1:00:36.

So, 1-nil to the Cullens but the Howcrofts will surely soon have their revenge.

Ian and James aren’t gloating. Honest!


9th May 2018