Triangle 1 2018. They’re back!

Triangle Time Trial Series 2018

No, not the dreaded traffic lights – although those pesky roadworkers did frighten us with some last week – but The Trianglists (if that’s not a word it is now).

The most anticipated event on Yorkshire roads this year kicked off Thursday May 3rd – coincidentally, so did the Tour de Yorkshire too! – the Triangle 2018 series on the faithful old 12 1/2 course starting at Arthington.

First Trianglist of 2018, Tony Wild

It was event 1 last night and with so many signs out about the TdY other road users, seeing the racing, could be forgiven for thinking it had arrived a day early round here.

Conditions were a little chilly for the 13 who rode but the lack of any real breeze probably made up for that, and it was certainly better than last year and in 2016.

The points system has changed slightly for 2018. Points are now awarded down to 10th place, the maximum 10 being awarded last night to Sam Ward with a fastest time of 28:57. The only woman riding, Helen Goldthorpe, recorded 34:49, only 59 seconds shy of her fastest time in 2017. Both were excellent times so early in the season.

Sam Ward

Helen Goldthorpe

First time Trianglist Ben Ritz recorded an excellent time of 35:06 and 2017 overall Triangle winner Tom Broadley recorded 40:10.

Ben Ritz

Tom Broadley

Times and points (in brackets) are as listed below. Please note that as it was the first event of 2018 points are awarded on a scratch basis i.e. no handicap. Handicaps will apply from next week’s event and points awarded accordingly.

Sam Ward 28:57 (10)

Jonathan Hobbs 30:42 (9)

Tim Garwell 32:10 (8)

John Buddle 33:45 (7)

Liam Mealey 34:26 (6)

Helen Goldthorpe 34:49 (5)

Chris Radcliffe 34:58 (4)

Ben Ritz 35:06 (3)

Martin Tallontire 35:13 (2)

Steve Broadley 38:30 (1)

Stuart Newbould 38:32

Tony Wild 39:24

Tom Broadley 40:10

Thanks of course to the timekeepers, helpers and marshals. Don’t be shy in coming forward to volunteer to help as all offers are gratefully received.

“Shall we ride or just go to the pub?”


Next week’s event, Thursday 10th May, starts at 7.15 pm.