Involves TTs organised under the rules & regulations of Cycling Time Trials (CTT) – see below also – covering at the moment the following.

The Triangle Series

Currently organised by Sheldon Howcroft. The organiser is responsible for the series, not the racing secretary. The racing secretary is involved in promoting the series, particularly championship events, helping out as necessary, arranging handicap times for the 50, 100, 12 Hour (and 24 Hour if needed).

Open events organised by OCC

Again, the individual event organisers are responsible, not the racing secretary. The events are the 10, the 25, the 50 and the Hill Climb. Provide support as required, ensure events are applied for on time with the CTT.

OCC TT Champs 

Season long

  • Senior BAR
  • Women’s BAR
  • Veterans BAR
  • TT Champs Points
  • TT Champs Points Women
  • Triangle Points
  • Triangle Fastest Man
  • Triangle Fastest Woman
  • Triangle Fastest Vet on Std

Single event

  • 10 mile (Men/ Woman/ Handicap/ U16/ U16 Handicap/ U16 Women)
  • Hilly 14 (Men/ Women/ Handicap/ Junior)
  • 25 mile (Men/ Women/ Handicap)
  • 30 mile (Men /Women/ Handicap)
  • 30 mile (Men /Women/ Handicap)
  • 50 mile (Men /Women/ Handicap)
  • 100 mile (Men /Women/ Handicap)
  • 12 hour (Men /Women/ Handicap)
  • 24 hour
  • Hillclimb (Men/ Women)

I’ve split them into season long and single event Championships, 37 in total. For the season long ones the racing sec will need to calculate each champion at the end of the season. The single events are decided on the day.

All from the 10 mile up to and including 30 mile are part of the Triangle


Reporting and monitoring TT events is relatively easy, although there’s sometimes a reliance on individual riders for details of other open events they compete in, results on the CTT website being a good source of information too.

In addition, there’s the listing on the website of upcoming events, for example the Triangle Series and Championships, to help ensure riders are aware of dates and courses, enter correctly, know what awards are being competed for and to publicise who is competing.


Involvement with other cycling organisations

There is also the requirement for CTT and YCF representatives. Claire Jessop and John Barnett take on those roles jointly although the racing secretary’s name will appear in the CTT handbook. Correspondence from both organisations will go to the racing secretary and that will need acting on e.g. requesting dates for open events, notifying of any rule changes.

Otley CC have involvement with the corsaRosa League so a need for the racing secretary to be involved there.



This is best split into two areas, those disciplines for which there are club championship awards, and others.

Those for which there are awards – 6 in total – are:

  • Road and circuit racing
  • Cyclo cross
  • Track *

The above are season long competitions and can only be determined at the end of the year. Others include:

  • Grasstrack *
  • Roller racing
  • Mountain biking
Road and circuit racing

The vast majority of the club road & circuit racing falls under the auspices of the various Racing Teams although there is of course participation from our much younger members. There are now four awards:

• Under 16 Male

• Under 16 Female

• Over 16 Male

• Over 16 Female

Awards are based solely on British Cycling National points. These are listed on the BC website here https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/clubpoints?club_id=193&year=2018&type=national&resultsperpage=20

Cyclo Cross

There is only one championship award for this discipline, the club Cyclo Cross Champion. This can be won by male or female, any age. The award is based on Yorkshire Cyclo Cross Association (YCCA) points won 1 January to 31 December (although some do ride National Trophy events and sometimes the National Champs. Some events are also run by BSCA, the British Schools Cycling Association). This involves searching for points details on the YCCA website as they split the year into summer and winter series. So, for example, 2018 points for the Otley award will consist of 2017/2018 YCCA Winter Series points won from 1 January 2018 plus YCCA Summer Series points plus 2018/2019 YCCA Winter Series points won to 31 December 2018.


Again, only one award and can be won by male or female, any age. Currently based on BC points only but this may need reconsidering – see Grasstrack below.


Involvement is mainly through participation at Roundhay in the West Riding Track League (WRTL) although there are BSCA events too.

You’ll see I’ve put an asterisk against Track and Grasstrack. Involvement in actual Track racing is usually very low and consequently so are points. The committee might want to reconsider awarding the Track championship to the highest points scorer in the WRTL competition instead.

 Roller Racing

Minimal involvement from the racing secretary.

 Mountain Biking (MTB)

Participation generally in the club is increasing and members do race, some of the younger ones through BSCA events.


Track and cyclo cross are again relatively easy to monitor as results are published on the WRTL and YCCA websites with some reports coming mainly from parents whose children are riding in the club colours. There’s information and photographs on Facebook and Twitter too. Regular contributors can be given a direct logon to the website if it makes things easier.


These three racing disciplines form by far the largest competitive diet for our younger riders and it’s important they’re supported in their endeavours by reporting on their successes, not least to encourage them to keep racing and keep improving.

Involvement with other cycling organisations

Barry Atha is our BC rep and it’s important to maintain a strong link with BC. There is also perhaps a chance for closer relations with WRTL, YCCA and BSCA, all of which regularly require volunteers and helpers to run events.