Time Trialling – Triangle Series and Club Championships update

Following on from the item published recently on the club website listing dates for the 2018 Triangle Series, Club Championships and Club Open Events.

Please see the attached document (also available on Dropbox here) prepared by Triangle Series organiser Sheldon Howcroft containing details on entering Triangle and Club Championship events plus other relevant important information.

The majority of the Triangle Series events are held on the Pool Triangle course which is approximately 12.6 miles in length. The route itself is as follows.

Start just before the Wharfedale Inn on Arthington Lane/A659, head east, turn left at the junction with the A61 towards Harrogate. At the roundabout at the junction of the A61 with A658 turn left again, direction Pool-in-Wharfedale. Carry on through Pool and left at the mini roundabout by The White Hart to rejoin the A659. Finish at the point you started.

Map courtesy of Martin Tallontire.

The overall record for the Triangle is 25:40 set in 2000 by local Olympic medalist and former professional Jonny Clay when training for the Sydney Summer Olympics. The women’s record was set 1st June 2017 by Hannah Drewett in 31:16.

For those members who would like to try time trialling but are unsure about riding the Triangle course the 10 & 15 mile TTs on the out near Boroughbridge are an ideal introduction on a relatively flat course with little traffic. The start and finish for both courses is near Rabbit Hill Park, mid way better Boroughbridge and Wetherby on the A168 road.

A reminder that you must be a fully paid up member to qualify for points and awards. From this 2018 season any points or awards won when a rider has not paid his or her subs will be void and the points or award will go to the next qualifying rider in the event. This applies to all events, not just time trials.

Where entry forms are required for Championship events, these can be downloaded from the CTT website here.

Please note: As the 50-mile, 100-mile, 12 Hour and 24 Hour Championships are incorporated in open events I must have a copy of your entry form at least one week prior to each event to be able to calculate handicap allowances for the handicap trophies.

To members unclear about what handicaps are, they are a time of distance allowance given to riders to allow them to win a club championship without being the fastest overall rider. The fastest rider is on ‘scratch’ and the slower riders are then given allowance against that rider’s fastest time.

Sheldon will calculate handicaps for all the other events listed in the attached document with the exception of the Hill Climb which does not have handicap allowances.

Happy and safe racing!

John Barnett, honorary racing secretary.

February 2018